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A Video Guide To Hybrid Battery Fan Filters

Did You Know Your Toyota Hybrid Battery Has A Fan And A Fan Filter? Learn About What It Does And How To Change It.

Can I Manually Open And Close My Power Liftgate?

If Your Power Liftgate Is Having Trouble, Can You Operate It Manually? Find Out Here.

What's More Reliable - A Manual Or Power Liftgate?

Both Manual And Powered Liftgates Are Good Options, But Is One More Reliable? Find Out The Differences In Their Function And Longevity Here.

Highlander Power To Manual Liftgate Conversion

Ready To Convert Your Highlander Power Liftgate To A Manual One? This Tutorial Will Show You How.

Toyota Sienna Paint Code Guide

Need To Get The Paint On Your Sienna Touched Up? Make Sure You Match The Color Exactly When It's Time To Take It In For Body Work - Read On To Find Your OEM Sienna Paint Code Guide.

What Types Of Keys Does Toyota Offer?

The Days Of Simple Keys Are Long Gone! Learn What Modern Keys Toyota Offers And How They Work Here.

Toyota Land Cruiser Paint Code Guide

Restoring Or Modifying A Land Cruiser? Make Sure You Match The Paint Color Exactly When It's Time For Body Work - Find Your OEM Land Cruiser Paint Code Guide Here.

Toyota Camry Paint Code Guide

Make Sure You Match Your Camry's Paint Color Exactly Next Time You Do Body Work - Find Your OEM Paint Code Guide Here.

Toyota Tundra Paint Code Guide

Don't Struggle To Match Your Toyota Tundra Paint Color. Here Is A Handy Guide.

Toyota Tacoma Paint Code Guide

Each year, it seems like automakers come out with new, fancier paint color names and mixes. While these colors may improve the look, they are a pain to try and[…]

Spark Plug Replacement - A Video Tutorial

Changing Spark Plugs May Sound Like A Difficult Task, But It’s Actually A Job You Can Do Yourself. Here’s How.

Toyota Oil Changes - A Video Guide

This Post Will Take You Step By Step Through The Oil Change Process, Using The Same Training Toyota Technicians Receive At The Dealership.

Toyota Fuel Injector Buyer's Guide

Fuel Injectors Play A Vital Role In The Smooth Running Of Your Toyota Engine. Check Out This Guide For All The Info You Need To Maintain Your Fuel Injectors.

How To Replace A Tundra Fuel Injector

If You Find Your Toyota Tundra Suffers From Decreased Power Or Sluggish Performance, You May Need To Replace The Fuel Injectors. Here's How.

Are OEM Fuel Injectors Better Than Aftermarket?

If You're Looking At Aftermarket Fuel Injectors As A Way To Save Money, You Should Probably Think Twice – Here’s Why.

How To Diagnose A Failing Fuel Injector

If Your Toyota Car Or Truck Is Running Rough, It Can Be Difficult To Diagnose The Issue. This Post Will Tell You How To Determine If The Problem Is A Fuel Injector.

What's A Fuel Injector And Why Is It Important?

The Fuel Injectors Are An Important Part Of The Fuel System, Delivering Gasoline To Your Toyota's Engine For Combustion. Learn All About Them Here.

Toyota 4Runner Paint Code Guide

Learn Where To Find Your 4Runner Paint Code And Color Name So You Get The Perfect Match Every Time.

Save Big With Remanufactured Toyota Parts

Toyota Has A Reputation For Legendary Quality And Reliability – Which Is Why A Remanufactured Toyota Part Is A Great Choice When You Need To Replace A Part.

The All New Toyota Tundra TRD Lift Kit

Learn All About The All New Toyota Tundra TRD Lift Kit – And How To Save Hundreds By Ordering Your Kit Online Today.

Toyota Fuel Pump Buyer's Guide

Check Out This In-Depth Toyota Fuel Pump Buyer’s Guide For All The Info You Need To Replace Your Fuel Pump.

Toyota Parts Deals - Where To Find Them

Check Out This Video From The ‘Car Care Nut’ That Includes Tips On Ordering Parts Online And Explains Why Olathe Toyota Parts Center Is A Great Resource For Help.

The 'Car Care Nut' Covers Camry Problems

Check Out This Video Tutorial On Common Toyota Camry Issues And Learn Why OE Toyota Parts Are Your Best Bet To Make Your Toyota Last Like This Camry.

How To Change A Toyota Corolla Fuel Pump

Changing A Toyota Corolla Fuel Pump Yourself Can Save You Time And Money – This Post Will Show You How.

Our Favorite YouTuber - The Car Care Nut

Check Out This Real Gem Of A YouTuber – The Car Care Nut Is Informative, Engaging And Knowledgeable About All Things Toyota.

Are OEM Fuel Pumps Better Than Aftermarket?

If Your Fuel Pump Is Faulty, You May Start Wondering Whether An Aftermarket Item Will Do The Same Job As An OEM Part – This Article Will Answer That Question.

How To Diagnose A Failing Fuel Pump

If You Suspect That Your Fuel Pump Is Failing, This Guide Will Walk You Through How To Troubleshoot The Issue.

What Is A Fuel Pump And Why Is It Important?

The Fuel Pump Takes Gas From You Fuel Tank And Sends It To The Engine - Learn More About It Here.

Toyota Window Replacement Guide

Replacing A Broken Door Window In Your Toyota Can Be Done At Home As Long As You Have A Few Tools And A Trusted Tutorial. Here's How.

Toyota Cabin Air Filter Buyer's Guide

Many Car Owners Don’t Realize That Their Cabin Air Filter Needs To Be Replaced Periodically. This Guide Will Teach You All About Cabin Filters And How To Maintain Them.

The Difference Between An Engine Air Filter And A Cabin Air Filter

The Engine And Cabin Air Filters Sound Very Similar And Both Help To Clean The Air, But They Are Very Different In Function. Read On To Learn More.

MZRE Toyota Camry Engine Swap

Considering An Engine Swap In Your Toyota Camry? Find Out More About The MRZE Engine Swap Here.

Do Your Rear Toyota Brake Pads Need Changing? Part 1

Refer To This Post For Step-By-Step Instructions For Removing Your Toyota Rear Brake Pads.

Installing New Rear Brake Pads - Part 2

Refer To This Post For Step-By-Step Instructions For Installing New Toyota Rear Brake Pads.

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Radiators

Radiators Are An Integral Part Of The Engine's Overall Cooling System. Find Out How They Work Here.

How To Keep Your Toyota's Tires Rolling

This Guide Will Cover All You Should Know About Your Toyota's Tires And How To Keep Your Vehicle Properly Gripping The Roads.

TR-FE Toyota 4Runner Engine Swap

Considering An Engine Swap In Your Toyota 4 Runner? Find Out More About The TR-FE Engine Swap Here.

Toyota Radiator Hose Buyer's Guide

Radiator Hoses Are Critical Part Of Your Vehicle’s Cooling System. This Guide Has All The Info You Need To Learn More About Your Toyota Radiator Hoses.

Are OEM Radiator Hoses Better Than Aftermarket?

How Can You Decide If An OEM Or Aftermarket Radiator Hose Is Best For Your Toyota? Find Out Here.

GRFE Toyota MR2 Engine Swap

An Engine Swap In Your Toyota MR2 May Be Just What The Doctor Ordered. Find Out More About The GRFE Engine Swap Here.

How To Replace A Radiator Hose

Replacing Your Own Radiator Hose Can Save You A Lot Of Money On Expensive Repair Shop Labor. Learn How To Do It Here.

How To Tell If Your Radiator Hose Is Failing

Radiator Hoses Are Made Of A Flexible Rubber And Absorb Vibration Between The Engine And The Radiator. As Such, They Can Fail Over Time. Learn How To Tell If Your Radiator Hose Is Bad Here.

What Is A Radiator Hose And Why Is It Important?

Radiator Hoses Are One Of The Most Critical Parts Of A Vehicle’s Cooling System. Learn All About The Job The Do Here.

Which Toyota Models Are Most Likely To Be Stolen?

Which Two Toyotas Are Almost Always On The Most Stolen List? Find Out!

Toyota Sequoia OEM Parts List And Owner's Guide

Check Out This Guide For All Sorts Of Information And Tips To Help You Maintain And Personalize Your Toyota Sequoia.

Starter Motor Buyer's Guide

Starter Motors Allow The Spark And Fuel Injection Systems To Start The Engine. When It Doesn't Work Right. Nothing About Your Car Works Right. Learn More Here.

How To Replace A Starter Motor

Find All The Information You Need On How To Replace A Starter Motor On Your Toyota Car Or Truck.

Are OEM Starters Better Than Aftermarket?

Should You Replace Your Toyota Starter With An OEM Or An Aftermarket Part? This Guide Will Help You Decide.

How To Diagnose A Failing Starter Motor

Do You Suspect That Your Starter Motor Is Failing? We Put Together This Guide On Starter Motors To Help You Find Out For Sure.

What Is A Starter Motor And How Does It Work?

The Starter Motor Works With The Battery, Fuel, Air, And Ignition Systems To Crank Your Car. Learn More About It Here.

FJ Cruiser OEM Parts List And Owner's Guide

If You Own An FJ Cruiser, This Is The Guide For You. Check It Out For Information About Maintaining And Keeping Your FJ Cruiser In Tip-Top Shape.

Can You Add A Grille To A Tundra With A Sensor?

If You Have A Tundra, You May Be Worried About Your New Grille Interfering With The Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) Sensor. Learn How To Avoid Sensor Issues Here.

Toyota Batteries Buyer's Guide

This Helpful Buyer’s Guide Will Identify Many Of The Questions Surrounding Your Toyota’s Battery And Give You The Answers You Seek.

How Do Car Batteries Work?

Maintaining The Car Battery In Your Toyota Doesn’t Have To Be A Daunting Task – Learn All About Your Battery Here.

The Ultimate Toyota Oxygen Sensor Buyer's Guide

This Guide Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Toyota Oxygen Sensors, And What To Do If One Fails.

Toyota Tacoma 2020-2021 Grille Swap

A TRD Grille Swap Is A Worthwhile Customization For Your Toyota Tacoma. This Post Will Walk You Through How To Install The Upgraded Grille Yourself.

Toyota Parts Shortage News - Shocks And Struts Are Available

Toyota Parts Availability Is Not Expected To Be Affected By Current Manufacturing Reductions – Learn More Here.

Toyota 4Runner 2015-2019 Grille Swap

Want To Replace Or Upgrade Your Toyota 4Runner Grille? Upgrade To A Grille From The TRD Pro Package!

Toyota Tundra 2015-2017 Grille Swap

A TRD Pro Grille Upgrade Will Give Your Tundra A More Sporty And Rugged Appearance. Learn How To Do The Swap Yourself Here.

Car Shortage: What Dealers are Doing

There’s A Worldwide Shortage Of Cars Due To The Scarcity Of Microchips And Toyota Factories, Like All Others, Are Struggling To Keep Up With Demand. Learn More Here.

Why Do Oil Filters Leak?

There Are Many Reasons That An Oil Filter Might Leak – This Post Covers A Few Of The Most Common Reasons And How To Avoid Them.

Why There's A Prius Shortage And What You Can Do About It

A Shortage Of Materials Has Caused Toyota To Cut Back On Car Production, And The Prius Is Feeling The Squeeze. Read More About It Here.

Catalytic Converter Theft Is On The Rise - How Can You Protect Yourself?

If You’re A Toyota Owner Looking To Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft, Read On To Find Out Why This Part Is So Valuable And How To Protect It.

OEM Toyota Tacoma Parts List And Owner's Guide

Take Advantage Of All Your Tacoma's Versatile Abilities With This Accessory And Parts Guide.

Switching to Synthetic 0-20 Oil – Why it Matters

The Next Time You Change Your Oil, Pay A Couple Dollars More And Extend The Life Of Your Car By Using Synthetic Oil. Learn More Here.

The Ultimate Coolant Color Guide

Coolant Manufacturers Don’t Add Color To Their Antifreeze Just To Make It Look Pretty. They Have More Important Reasons - Here's Why.

Evolution Of The Toyota RAV4

Find Out How The Toyota RAV4 Evolved From One Of The 1st Small Crossover Import SUVs On The US Market To A Well Known And Beloved Family Vehicle.

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Wheel Speed Sensors

If You're Looking For More Information About You Toyota’s Wheel Speed Sensors, This Buyer's Guide Is What You Need.

Are OEM Toyota Wheel Speed Sensors Better Than Aftermarket?

Before Replacing A Wheel Speed Sensor, You Need To Choose Between An OEM Or Aftermarket Part. This Info Will Help You Decide.

How To Replace A Toyota Wheel Speed Sensor

Learn How To Replace A Toyota Wheel Speed Sensor With This Easy Tutorial.

How To Diagnose A Failing Wheel Speed Sensor

Look To This Post To Learn What Steps To Follow When Troubleshooting A Failing Wheel Speed Sensor On Your Toyota.

What Is A Wheel Speed Sensor And Why Is It Important?

Learn More About What A Wheel Speed Sensor Is, How It Works, And Why It's Important.

Toyota Introduces The Venza (Again!)

The Recently Re-Introduced Toyota Venza Is An Affordable Crossover Vehicle With Great Mileage, Decent Horsepower, And A Roomy Interior. Learn More About It Here.

Return Of The Toyota Supra - 5th Generation

Toyota Recently Teamed Up With BMW To Bring Back The Supra. Read All About The Details Here.

A Closer Look At The Prius c

What Was The Toyota Prius C All About, And Why Wasn't It Popular In The U.S.?

A Guide to Diagnosing and Replacing Your Shocks

Shocks Are An Often Overlooked Part. This Guide Has All The Info You Need To Understand, Diagnose And Replace Your Shocks.

What Are Struts And Why Are They Important?

Struts Serve As A Connector Between The Wheel And The Car Body And Provide A Good Balance Of Comfort And Stability. Find Out More About Their Function Here.

What Are Shocks And Why Are They Important?

Shocks Are An Important Part Of The Suspension System. Learn All About The Job They Do Here.

Toyota Headlight Buyer's Guide

Gain A Better Understanding Of Your Toyota's Headlights With This Guide.

Should You Repair Or Replace A Toyota Headlight Switch?

If Your Headlight Switch Is Faulty, Do You Scrap It Altogether Or Try To Find The Problem And Repair It? This Post Will Help You Decide.

Tips For Toyota Headlight Cleaning

Are Your Headlights Beginning To Show Their Age? Read On For Some Helpful Tips On Toyota Headlight Cleaning And Restoration.

Toyota's Adaptive Headlight Technology: Why It Needs To Come To The U.S. Soon

Toyota Has The Technology To Make Nighttime Driving Safer And Is Petitioning U.S. Lawmakers To Bring It To North America.

Camry And Avalon 1997-99 Front End Thumping Noise

Do You Own A 1997-1999 Toyota Camry Or Toyota Avalon? You May Have Noticed Some Thumping Noises – Find Out The Cause Here.

Remember Cash For Clunkers? Here's What Happened To It.

The Cash For Clunkers Program Was Supposed To Be A Win-Win Situation For The Economy And The Environment. How Did It Turn Out?

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Timing Belts And Chains

Find Out Exactly What Timing Belts And Chains And See What To Do When Yours Go Bad.

All You Ever Wanted To Know About Your Car's Air Conditioning

We Guarantee You'll Learn Something You Didn’t Know Before When You Read This Article About Toyota Air Conditioning Systems. See For Yourself.

Toyota Oil Filter Buyer's Guide

Oil Filters Should Be Replaced At Every Oil Change. Here's What You Need To Know About What Oil Filters Are, How They Work, And How To Replace One.

Toyota Car Recall Due To Floor Mat

Learn More About The Toyota Floor Mat Recall, What Toyota Did To Correct The Issue, And How It May Impact You.

This Is The List Of Lifted Toyotas You Need To See

We Rounded Up Some Of The Best Lifted Toyotas We've Ever Seen - Check Them Out Here.

A Guide to Toyota Spark Plugs

Need To Replace Your Spark Plugs? Skip The Shop And Take The Reins With This Comprehensive Toyota Spark Plug Guide.

Toyota 4Runner Problems and Common Complaints

Even The Most Dependable Toyota Isn’t Entirely Free Of Faults. Here Are The Most Common 4Runner Problems You May Encounter.

Toyota Camry Problems and Common Complaints

The Camry Is One Of America’s Best-Selling Vehicles - But Even This Flagship Toyota Can Sometimes Have Issues. Here Are The Most Common.

Toyota Tundra Problems and Common Complaints

The Toyota Tundra Is A Great Full-Size Pickup. However, Like All Other Vehicles, The Tundra Can Come With Some Issues. Here’s A List Of The Most Common Ones.

How To Swap A Toyota 86 Bumper With A Scion FR-S Bumper (or Vice Versa)

Do You Own A Toyota 86, But You Prefer The Look Of The Scion FR-S? Or Vice Versa? You Can Swap The Front Bumper On These Models - Here’s How.

Toyota 86/Scion FR-S Problems And Common Complaints

The Toyota 86 Or Scion FR-S Is A Solid And Reliable Car. But Like Any Vehicle, It Comes With A Few Issues. Learn More Here.

Is the Toyota Yaris Right For You?

Are You In The Market For A Subcompact Car? Learn More About Why The Toyota Yaris Is A Great Option.

How To Decide Which Prius Is Right For You

Having A Hard Time Deciding Which Prius Is Right For You? Answering These Questions May Help.

Smartphone Apps And Online Tools For Your Toyota

Get This List Of Nearly 50 Apps And Online Tools For Various Categories Like Performance, Accidents, Parking, Safety, Road Trips And More.

The Truth About Flex-Fuel Vehicles

Thinking About Buying A Flex-Fuel Vehicle? This Post Has All The Information You Need.

Interesting Toyota Corolla Facts

The Toyota Corolla Has Been One Of Toyota's Top-Selling Passenger Cars Since Its Start - Read On To Learn More.

The Perfect Toyota Father’s Day Gifts

If Your Father Drives A Toyota, Here Are Some Great Father’s Day Gifts To Consider.

History Of The Toyota Camry In The United States

The Toyota Camry Has A Long History In The United States. Read On To Find Out How This Car Has Evolved.

Don't Leave Home Without These Important Car Gadgets

Gadgets Change The Driving Experience. Find Out Which Gadgets Are Essential In Your Toyota.

Could The Limited Scion Monogram Series Be A Collectible One Day?

Some Scion Vehicles Are Likely To Become Collectibles One Day, Among Them The Limited Edition Monogram Series Models. Here’s Why.

The Best Toyota Vehicles For Large Families

When It Comes To Finding The Right Vehicle For Your Family, Toyota Has Plenty Of Options. Learn More Here.

Did The Rav4 EV Get Overlooked?

Toyota Has Launched An Electric Version Of The RAV4 Twice, But Production Was Short Lived. Learn Why Here.

7 Car Parts You'll Need To Replace Soon

It's Inevitable That Some Parts On Your Toyota Will Need To Be Replaced Over The Life Of Your Vehicle. Here Are 7 You Should Be Familiar With.

6 Popular Toyota Accessories

Customizing Your Toyota With Accessories Can Add A Personal Touch To Make It Feel Like Your Own. Here Are 6 Popular Ones To Consider.

How Your Smartphone Saves On Gas

Learn About Several Effective Ways Your Smartphone Can Help You Save Some Gas Money.

Toyota Weatherstripping Buyer's Guide

When A Weatherstrip Fails, You’ll Notice. Learn All About What To Do When You Need To Replace Weatherstripping.

Is OEM Weatherstripping Better Than Aftermarket?

OEM Weatherstripping Is A Much Better Investment Than Aftermarket Weatherstripping - Here’s Why.

5 Cool Tacoma Mods For Under $500

Check Out Our List Of 5 Tacoma Mods That Can Upgrade The Appearance And Performance Of Your Truck For Under $500.

How To Replace Toyota Weatherstripping

Replacing Your Weatherstripping Is A DIY Job You Can Easily Master - This Tutorial Will Help.

Our Favorite Toyota Super Bowl Commercials

Toyota Is Responsible For Some Of The Best Super Bowl Commercials Ever – Here Are Our Favorites.

How You Know It's Time To Replace Weatherstripping

What Causes Worn Weather Stripping, And Is Your In Need Of Replacing? Find Out Here.

What Is Weatherstripping And Why Is It Important?

The Weatherstripping Plays A Huge Role In The Safety, Comfort, And Even Fuel Economy Of Your Toyota. Learn More Here.

How To Remove And Replace Front Door Belt Molding

Need To Replace Your Belt Molding? This Tutorial Offers Complete Instructions On Replacing The Belt Molding On Your Toyota.

What Is Belt Molding And Why Is It Important?

Belt Molding Is The Rubber Seal That Runs Along The Lower Edge Of Your Window. Learn More About What It Does Here.

2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma Oil Filter Comparison

In This Post We Compare 3 Of The Most Popular Oil Filter Brands For Toyota Tacomas.

2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma Brake Pad Comparison

Join Us As We Review The Five Most Common Brake Pads For 2nd Generation Toyota Tacoma Trucks.

Toyota Liftgate Buyer's Guide

If You’re A Toyota Owner Who’s Looking For More Information About Liftgates And Related Components This Ultimate Guide To Liftgates Is For You!

Are OEM Liftgates Better Than Aftermarket?

You Can’t Go Wrong With OEM Toyota Liftgates And Liftgate Parts – Learn Why Here.

Toyota Highlander Liftgate Replacement

If Your Highlander Has A Damaged Liftgate Or Weak Liftgate Lift Cylinders, This Tutorial Will Show You How To Replace Both.

How To Replace Liftgate Lift Cylinders

Wondering If You Can Replace Your Liftgate Lift Cylinders At Home? The Answer Is Yes – Here’s How.

How To Diagnose Liftgate Problems

If Your Liftgate Stops Working, It May Take Some Time To Pinpoint The Problem. This Post Will Help With That.

Toyota Power Liftgates vs Hands-Free Liftgates

Which Motorized Liftgate Is The Best Fit – A Regular Power Liftgate Or A Hands-Free One? Learn More About Both Here.

Toyota Power Liftgates vs Manual Liftgates

Manual Or Power Liftgate – Which Is Best For You? Explore Each Option Here And Reach The Right Buying Decision.

What Is A Liftgate And Why Is It Important?

Not Sure Which Part Of Your Toyota SUV, Crossover, Or Hatchback Is The Liftgate? This Article Has All The Info You Need.

OEM Toyota Highlander Parts List And Owner's Guide

Take Advantage Of All Your Highlander’s Versatile Abilities With This Accessory And Parts Guide.

How To Make Sure Your Body Shop Only Uses OEM Toyota Parts

Body Work Is Sometimes Best Left To The Experts, And Only OEM Parts Will Produce The Result You Want. Learn Why Here.

OEM Toyota Prius Parts List And Owner's Guide

The Toyota Prius Has Consistently Ranked As One Of The Best Hybrid Cars To Own Over The Years. Learn More About Prius Ownership Here.

Toyota Filler Cap Buyer's Guide

It’s Important To Be Aware Of What Filler Caps Are And How To Identify A Bad One - This Guide Will Help.

Are OEM Toyota Filler Caps Better Than Aftermarket?

Filler Caps Are Simple Parts But It's Still Important To Get A High Quality One - And Only OEM Filler Caps Fit The Bill.

When To Replace A Toyota Filler Cap

It's Quite Easy To Identify A Bad Gas Or Oil Filler Cap - This Guide Will Show You How.

Why Is Smoke Coming Out Of Oil Filler Cap?

Smoke Coming From The Oil Filler Cap Is Not Something You Should Ignore. Here’s How To Figure Out The Root Cause Of The Problem.

What Is An Oil Filler Cap?

If You're Looking For More Information About Oil And Fuel Filler Caps, This Series Is For You. Stay Tuned To Learn About Their Fit, Function And Importance.

Toyota Serpentine Belt Buyer's Guide

What Is A Serpentine Belt And What Role Does It Play Under The Hood Of Your Toyota? Find The Answers Here.

Are OEM Toyota Serpentine Belts Better Than Aftermarket Belts?

Will An OEM Or Aftermarket Replacement Serpentine Belt Deliver The Most Value? Find Out Here.

How To Replace A Toyota Serpentine Belt

Do You Have A Worn-Out Serpentine Belt? If So, You Can Replace It At Home With This Tutorial.

How To Diagnose A Failing Serpentine Belt

If You Think That You May Have A Failing Serpentine Belt, You Want To Diagnose The Issue ASAP – Here’s How To Do It.

What Is A Serpentine Belt And Why Is It Important?

The Serpentine Belt Spins Through The Engine And Winds Through Several Pulleys. Learn More About It Here.

Toyota Exhaust Upgrades - What You Need To Know

Read All About The Most Common Questions And Concerns Encountered When Replacing Or Upgrading A Toyota Exhaust System.

Are Aftermarket Exhaust Pipes Worth It?

When Installing A Cat Back Exhaust System, You Have Two Options: OEM Or Aftermarket. Here’s How To Decide Which Option Is Best.

How To Get Your Toyota Exhaust Replaced Or Upgraded

Looking To Replace Or Upgrade Your Toyota's Exhaust System? Here Are Two Good Ways To Get The Job Done.

How Do You Make Exhaust Louder?

There Are Several Ways To Make Your Exhaust Louder Within Legal Bounds - Let’s Discuss The Most Common Ones.

What Causes Backfire From An Exhaust Pipe?

A Backfire Is An Indicator That Something Is Wrong With Your Vehicle. Here’s What It Means.

Are OEM Mud Guards Better Than Aftermarket Mud Guards?

Trying To Decide Between OEM And Aftermarket Mud Guards? We Put Together A Comparison Guide To Help You Choose.

Genuine Toyota Mud Guards Look Awesome. Buy Some Already.

We Have 5 Great Reasons Why Your Toyota Isn't Complete Without A Set Of OEM Mud Guards. Check 'Em Out Here.

What Is The Difference Between An Air Filter And An Element?

What Are Air Cleaner And Air Filter Elements? Learn What They Are And What Job They Do Here.

Toyota Fuel Filter Buyer's Guide

Clean Fuel Is Important To Your Engine’s Health. This Guide Has All The Information You Need About What A Fuel Filter Does And How To Maintain It.

Are OEM Toyota Fuel Filters Better Than Aftermarket?

Which Replacement Fuel Filter Offers The Most Value: OEM Or Aftermarket? This Guide Will Help You Compare Both Options.

When To Replace A Toyota Fuel Filter

If You're Not Sure If Your Fuel Filter Is Bad, This Article Will Help You Figure It Out.

What Is A Fuel Filter And Why Is It Important?

Before Fuel Enters The Engine From The Gas Tank, It Runs Through The Fuel Filter. Learn More About The Fuel Filter’s Job Here.

Common Toyota Headlight Problems

Learn More About A Few Of The Common Reasons Toyota Headlights Fail.

Are OEM Toyota Headlights Better Than Aftermarket?

Wondering if aftermarket headlights are worth the few bucks in savings? Find out here.

How To Replace A Toyota Headlight

It's smart and safe to replace a broken headlight assembly as soon as possible. Here's how.

Toyota Alternator Buyer's Guide

Looking for more information on Toyota alternators? This buyer's guide can answer all your questions.

Are OEM Toyota Alternators Better Than Aftermarket?

Learn why aftermarket alternators end up costing you more money in the long run.

How To Replace A Toyota Alternator

Replacing your Toyota's alternator may sound intimidating, but it’s much easier than it sounds. Learn how here.

How To Diagnose A Failing Alternator

If you have a feeling that your Toyota alternator is in need of replacement, this diagnostic guide will help you confirm it.

What Is An Alternator And Why Is It Important?

Your car relies on the alternator to power the entire car while it's running. Learn more about why it's so important here.

Toyota Front Lower Bumper Cover Buyer's Guide

Looking for more information about replacing the lower bumper cover on your Toyota? This guide is for you.

How to Replace A Lower Valance Cover

Does your Toyota have a damaged lower valance cover that needs replacing? You can do the job yourself with a few basic tools and this tutorial.

Are Toyota OEM Valance Covers Better Than Aftermarket?

Learn the differences between OEM and aftermarket valance covers so you can determine which option offers you the most value.

What Are Lower Bumper Covers And Why Are They Important?

Need to replace a lower bumper cover? Learn more about what a lower bumper cover is and why it's important.

Toyota Brake Caliper Buyer's Guide

Learn everything you need to know about Toyota brake calipers here.

When and Why You Should Bleed the Brake System

When is it appropriate to bleed your brake system? Find out here.

Toyota Tundra Tire Sizes Guide - Stock, Larger and Lifted Size Options

Looking to go bigger or wider on your Tundra tires? This guide will explain all the possibilities.

Toyota Tacoma Tire Sizes - Guide

One of the simplest mods you can do is to upgrade to larger tires on your Tacoma. But just how big can you go? This guide will help you find out.

When To Replace A Toyota Brake Caliper

Learn how to recognize failing brake calipers, and how to replace them before they cause major damage.

Are OEM Toyota Brake Calipers Better Than Aftermarket?

OEM brake calipers cost more upfront, but they'll save you money in the long run - here's how.

What Is A Brake Caliper And Why Is It Important?

Brake calipers are essential to the operation of your Toyota's brake system. Learn more about what they are and how they work.

Will the Sedan Disappear?

As the US market shifts toward more crossover purchases, is the classic sedan on its way out? Learn more here.

TRD Pro Wheels FAQs - All You Need To Know

Have some questions about equipping your Toyota with TRD Pro wheels? This is the guide for you.

Toyota Windshield Wiper Blades Buyer's Guide

Learn more about how your wipers work and what to do when you're ready to replace them.

Are OEM Toyota Windshield Wiper Blades Better Than Aftermarket?

OEM wiper blades offer a lot more value and quality than aftermarket blades. Here's why they're the best choice.

When To Replace Your Toyota Windshield Wiper Blades

If you suspect your windshield wiper blades have gone bad, you'll want to replace them sooner rather than later. Here's what to watch for.

4Runner TRD Pro Grille Swap and Install Info

Looking to upgrade to a TRD emblem garnish on your 4Runner? This tutorial will help you get the job done right.

How To Get Your Personal AVS Info Updated

Having your credit card declined because of a failed address verification is a common problem at auto dealerships. Here's how to avoid it.

OEM Vs. Aftermarket Toyota Cabin Air Filters: What You Should Know

Debating between an OEM or aftermarket replacement air filter? This guide will help you choose the right one.

How to Fix Rock Rash On Your Toyota Wheels

If you take your Toyota off-road, rock rash on your rims is pretty much inevitable. The good news is you can fix or hide the damage - here's how.

How to Know When To Replace A Toyota Cabin Air Filter

Find out how to watch for the signs and symptoms of a clogged cabin air filter in your Toyota.

What Is A Cabin Air Filter And Why Is It Important?

The air inside your vehicle is kept clean by the cabin air filter. Learn more about why its job is so important.

Toyota Engine Air Filter Buyer's Guide

This guide will answer the most frequently asked questions Toyota owners have about engine air filters and how to replace them.

How To Replace A Toyota Engine Air Filter

Replacing an engine air filter usually takes about 10 minutes. Here's how to get this simple job done on your Toyota.

OEM Vs. Aftermarket Toyota Engine Air Filters: A Comparison Guide

This comparison provides a deeper look into OEM and aftermarket engine air filters and shows how they stack up against each other.

How to Know if Your Engine Air Filter Needs to be Replaced

You should check your engine air filter at every oil change. This guide will walk you through the process.

2000 Toyota Tundra vs 2019 Toyota Tundra

We've got a lot of love for the Tundra - check out how the new 2019 model stacks up against the 2000 model.

What Is An Engine Air Filter And Why Is It Important?

What's an engine air filter, and how does it help protect your engine? Find out here.

How to Replace a Toyota Oil Filter

Changing the oil and filter in your Toyota sounds much harder than it really is. Here's a step by step guide to help you get the job done.

Are OEM Toyota Oil Filters Better Than Aftermarket?

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