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Do You Need to Replace Your Brake Pads and Rotors at the Same Time?

Do you need to buy new brake pads after having your rotors replaced? Find out the answer here.

Toyota Brake Pads: OEM or Aftermarket?

Aftermarket brake pads may save you a few dollars upfront, but they'll end up costing you more money in the long run. Here's why.

How to Recognize Worn Brake Pads on Your Toyota

Your brake pads will wear out sooner or later. Find out how to recognize and replace a set of worn brake pads before they lead to bigger problems.

Electric Vehicle Battery Comparison

We did an apples-to-apples comparison of the battery assembly of the Toyota Prius Prime, the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf. Here's what we learned.

Does My Toyota Have A Timing Belt or A Timing Chain?

Does your Toyota has a timing belt or a timing chain? Learn more about each part and how to know which one you have in your Toyota.

Toyota Rotor Buyer's Guide

This guide will help you find the right rotors for your Toyota, replace them, and correctly break them in.

How to Break In Your Toyota Rotors Correctly

After installing new rotors, it’s necessary to break them in to ensure optimal brake performance. Here's why.

How to Change the Rotors on a Toyota Avalon

The cost of replacing your rotors doesn’t have to be high. You can do it at home and save yourself lots of money. Here's a tutorial to help you get started.

Why Do I Need a Coolant Flush?

Many people postpone coolant flushes, but waiting or skipping this service can lead to big problems. Here's why.

Why Do I Need to Get My Tires Rotated?

Regular tire rotations and air pressure checks are a good idea for several reasons - find out more here.

Toyota Rotors: OEM or Aftermarket?

Asking yourself whether to get an OEM or aftermarket replacement rotor for your Toyota? Here's why OEM is the better option.

How Long Do Spark Plugs Last?

Spark plugs are pretty resilient but will still wear out over time. Here's how long you should expect your plugs to last.

What Can Happen to My Car if I Postpone Regular Maintenance?

Postponing regular maintenance is never a good idea - here's what may happen to your Toyota if you do.

What Does it Mean if There’s Smoke Coming Out of My Tailpipe?

Is smoke coming from your tailpipes a big deal? Maybe. Here's why you want to have it checked out ASAP.

How Often Do I Need a Coolant Flush?

Regular coolant system flushes are crucial to the health of your Toyota. Find out more about this important process here.

What Are the Most Common Maintenance Items on My Car?

Frequent service is the only way to make sure your Toyota is performing properly. Here are the most common maintenance items you should be aware of.

How to Identify Toyota Rotor Problems in 5 Steps

If you have a worn or warped rotor on your Toyota, you'll want to replace it as soon as possible. Find out the most common symptoms to watch for.

A Toyota Owner’s Guide to the Actuator Assembly

Do you have an ABS actuator assembly that needs to be replaced? This guide covers everything you should know about them before you get started.

How to Replace a Prius Actuator Assembly

You can save a few hundred dollars by replacing your Toyota Prius actuator assembly at home - here's how.

Land Cruiser Spotter's Guide

Are you a fan of the Toyota Land Cruiser? Find out all the easy-to-spot differences in each Land Cruiser generation.

How to Know if Your ABS Actuator Assembly is Failing

Noticing a decrease in your Toyota's brake response? Here's how to know if a failing ABS actuator is the problem.

What is an ABS Actuator Assembly and Why is it Important?

The ABS actuator assembly is the heart of the ABS system in your car. Find out more about what it does and why it's important.

A Toyota Owner’s Guide to Modulator Valves

If your older Toyota has an automatic transmission, then it probably has a modulator valve. What is it? That’s what this guide is for.

How To Replace A Modulator Valve In A Toyota Highlander

If your Highlander has a bad modulator valve, you can replace it with just a few wrenches. Here's how.

Are OEM Modulator Valves Better Than Aftermarket?

Toyota OEM modulator valves come with several benefits that you won't find in an aftermarket part. Find out more here.

How To Diagnose A Failing Modulator Valve

A worn out modulator valve can eventually start burning transmission fluid. Here's how to diagnose a failing valve before it causes extensive damage.

What Is A Modulator Valve And Why Is It Important?

Older transmissions utilize modulator valves to control shifting. Learn more about how they work and what to do when your modulator valve fails.

Why You Should Upgrade Your 4Runner's Wheels To TRD Alloys

Replacing your wheels with TRD alloys will significantly boost your 4Runner’s capabilities in 3 notable ways. Read more about them here.

The Ultimate Toyota Oxygen Sensor Buyer's Guide

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about Toyota oxygen sensors, and what to do if one fails.

How to Replace Your Toyota's Oxygen Sensor

Replacing the oxygen sensor on your Toyota vehicle is a fairly easy task. Here's a guide that will walk you through it.

Are OEM Toyota Oxygen Sensors Better Than Aftermarket?

If you’re looking for the best replacement oxygen sensor for your Toyota, go with OEM. Here's why.

Two Awesome Sports Cars, 30 Years Apart

The Toyota 86 and the MR2 offer similar handling and overall performance, so we thought it would be fun to compare the two sports cars. Find out how they stack up!

How to Confirm That Your Toyota's Got a Failing Oxygen Sensor

Like all sensors on a vehicle, oxygen sensors wear out over time. Keep an eye out for the these common symptoms in your Toyota.

Toyota 86/Scion FR-S Problems And Common Complaints

The Toyota 86 - or the Scion FR-S before August 2016 - is a solid and reliable car. But, like any other vehicle, it comes with a few issues. Read on to find out what they are.

Toyota Yaris Problems and Common Complaints

The Toyota Yaris exceeds expectations and provides long-term reliability. It does come with a few common issues, though, and they’re listed here.

Toyota Tundra Problems and Common Complaints

The Toyota Tundra is a great full-size pickup. However, like all other vehicles, the Tundra can come with some issues. Here’s a list of the most common ones.

Toyota RAV4 Problems and Common Complaints

The Toyota RAV4 is one of the most popular crossover SUVs on the market, but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely free of faults. Here are the most common complaints about the RAV4.

Toyota Prius V Problems and Common Complaints

If you're a Prius v owner looking for effective preventative measures, this master list of the most common Toyota Prius v problems is just what you need.

Toyota Sequoia Problems and Common Complaints

Whether you already own a Sequoia or you’re looking to buy one, this list of the most common Toyota Sequoia problems may come in handy.

Toyota Prius C Problems and Common Complaints

Like any vehicle, the Toyota Prius C has had some problems it's important to be aware of. We’ll list the most common ones here.

Toyota Highlander Problems and Common Complaints

Here’s a master list of the most common issues experienced by Toyota Highlander owners.

Toyota Corolla Problems and Common Complaints

Even the trusty Corolla will once in a while it run into some issues. Here’s a rundown of what tends to go wrong with Toyota Corollas.

Toyota Avalon Problems and Common Complaints

Avalon Owners: Familiarize yourself with this list of the most common problems experienced by Toyota Avalon owners.

Toyota Sienna Problems and Common Complaints

Find out the most common problems and complaints for the Toyota Sienna minivans produced in the last 20 years.

What's An Oxygen Sensor, and Why Is It Important?

An oxygen sensor detects the amount of oxygen in your Toyota's exhaust - here's how it gets the job done.

A Comprehensive Toyota Side Mirror Buyer's Guide

Looking to replace a side mirror on your Toyota? This guide is just what you need.