Toyota Key And Key Fob Buyers Guide

Toyotas and their keys continue to evolve along with all other automotive technology. Below we'll explain the various types of keys Toyota offers, some of their common problems and how to troubleshoot and even replace them when needed.

What Types Of Keys Does Toyota Offer?

Toyotas of the past few decades have used some combination of a wireless key fob and a mechanical key. Modern Toyota mechanical keys include an electronic immobilizer chip for security. There are also master and valet mechanical keys for situations where someone else might park your car.

Older key fobs had simple functionality to unlock the doors and cargo area. Newer Toyota smart key fobs include more advanced capabilities to start the vehicle and unlock doors automatically. Smart fobs may include an exposed or concealed mechanical key.  With the introduction of push-button and remote start, most new Toyota vehicles rely solely on a key fob to enter and start the car.  Want to learn more about what types of keys Toyota offers and find out what kind you have? Read the post here.

Common Toyota Key Problems

After repeated use, physical metal keys can wear from friction that will dull the teeth on the key. This can make it difficult to unlock or start the car. If a replacement key is needed, the old key will be required to program the new one.

Key fobs may start to malfunction over time. Several problems can occur with key fobs, including:

  • Reduced operating range
  • Dead battery
  • Worn buttons
  • Moisture damage
  • Drop damage

Always contact a qualified Toyota dealer or locksmith to program a new transponder key or key fob. If you have questions about malfunctioning fobs and replacing or reprogramming them, find the info you need here.

Are OEM Toyota Key Fobs Better Than Aftermarket?

Key fobs get a lot of daily use and punishment in our pockets, handbags, or backpacks. Your Toyota smart key fob may eventually get worn out, damaged, or lost. You might consider cheaper aftermarket options when it’s time to replace a broken or missing key fob. However, only OEM key fobs are manufactured to the highest standards for quality and reliability. To ensure proper compatibility with the function and security features of your Toyota, stick with an OEM replacement.

Replacing A Toyota Smart Key/Key Fob Battery

If your key is acting up, you'll want to try a few remedied before replacing it. Replacements can be costly, so try battery replacement first. This post will walk you through replacement on a Prius fob, but other Toyota models will be similar. Check out the step-by-step instructions and you could save yourself from having to buy a costly replacement!

Find OEM Toyota Keys At Olathe Toyota Parts Center 

We hope you've found these resources about Toyota keys helpful. If fob or key replacement is needed, turn to for keys for models both current and classic. You'll find:

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