The Standard Toyota Parts Warranty

Standard Toyota Parts WarrantyAll OEM Toyota Parts include a standard 12 month, unlimited mile warranty, with the following "fine print":

  • The warranty does not apply to maintenance or "wearable" parts like brake pads, clutch discs, etc. 
  • The warranty does not cover noise, vibration, cosmetic conditions and other deterioration caused by normal wear and tear
  • If a part fails because it was improperly or incorrectly installed, the warranty does not apply
  • If a part fails because it was used on a race vehicle, an off-highway vehicle, etc. The warranty is for normal usage.
  • The Toyota part warranty does not include reimbursement for any labor costs associated with removal or installation. This coverage is only available for Toyota dealers who sell and install the part(s).
  • The warranty described is not provided by Olathe Toyota Parts Center - the warranty is provided by Toyota USA. While we are happy to help our customers with any issues that may arise, warranty claims should be pursued by contacting Toyota directly.

Additionally, it's important to keep proof of purchase so that warranty claims may be submitted to Toyota. 

To claim your warranty: Bring your broken part(s) to your local Toyota dealership along with proof of purchase for a replacement part.

What About TRD Parts? Or Accessories?

TRD PartsGenuine Toyota Accessories, and Remanufactured Toyota parts have the same basic warranty as OEM replacement parts. In the case of Genuine Toyota Accessories, the warranty is for 12 months with no mileage limit. In the case of TRD parts, the warranty is basically identical to the OEM replacement part warranty.

Just like OEM parts, if you have a warranty claim, you need to bring the broken part(s) along with proof of purchase to your local Toyota dealership for a replacement.