Common Toyota Problems and Trouble Codes

While Toyota is arguably the world's most reliable manufacturer of automobiles, it's not perfect. Each Toyota model has its' own problems, some of which are subject to recall or highlighted in a Techincal Service Bulletin (TSB), and some of which are not.

As part of our dedication to providing Toyota owners with all the information they need to maximize their ownership experience, we've tried to document all the problems that have been found for each Toyota model. We've included problems that are commonly reported on Toyota owner forums, on websites like CarComplaints, and based on our own part sales data. You can find the issues and TSBs we've found for each vehicle model on the following pages:

Toyota Problems and Common Complaints, By Model

Please Note:

If you don't see a problem listed on the page dedicated to a specific Toyota model, it may be that the problem is not common, or it may be that the problem didn't come up in our review. Likewise, if you do see a problem, it does not mean that your specific Toyota has or will develop the issue. 

Also, any problems we have listed should not be considered "proof" of a problem or issue - we are not acting in any official capacity by providing this resource. We're simply trying to summarize the available information about Toyota problems here. For all you lawyers out there, we're not stating that our lists of problems are definitive, and they are definitely not official. This is simply a resource created for the general benefit of the community - use it at your own risk.

Please remember that we are not Toyota. We didn't make the cars - all we can do is help you get the parts you need to get your vehicle back on the road. If you see a problem and/or want to know more, please do not call us - we can not offer advice or guidance.

Common Trouble Codes

In addition to listing what we believe to be common problems with specific Toyota vehicles, we've also tried to curate a list of trouble codes that are most helpful/relevant to Toyota owners. Not all trouble codes are listed, but this compilation can certainly get you started on diagnosing your issue.

Questions About Problems or Trouble Codes? Please Don't Call

Again, if you have a question about one of the problems, trouble codes or a TSBs, please do not call us in search of advice or guidance. Instead, if you suspect your vehicle has one of these problems, we suggest searching online for more information or bringing it to your local repair shop.

Thank you for your understanding, and we hope you find this resource useful!