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Toyota Yaris Problems and Common Complaints

As one of the highest-ranked subcompact cars in the US, the Toyota Yaris exceeds many expectations with its quality interior, affordable MSRP, and long-term reliability. It does come with a few common issues, though, and they’re listed below.

Note: The list of problems below is organized by vehicle generation. Scroll down to find your model range.

2020+ Toyota Yaris - Common Problems

202 Yaris

The 2020 Toyota Yaris

The fifth generation Yaris just went on sale a few months ago as a 2020 model. There have been very few problems reported, and no common problems to note. Be sure to check back once in a while because we update the information on this page regularly.

2017-2019 Toyota Yaris - Common Problems

17 yaris

A 2017 Toyota Yaris

Good news: there's nothing to report so far for this generation either! Again, check back with us - we update the information on this page regularly.

2011-2016 Toyota Yaris - Common Problems

12 yaris

A 2012 Toyota Yaris

Passenger Airbag Propellant Degradation (2011 & 2012 models): Because the airbag propellant in the passenger frontal airbag is prone to premature degradation from unstable temperatures and excessive humidity, the airbag may deploy improperly in a crash. Toyota issued a voluntary recall and replaced the air bag inflator or the entire assembly in affected Yaris vehicles for free.

2006-2010 Toyota Yaris - Common Problems

07 yaris

A 2007 Toyota Yaris

Passenger Airbag Propellant Degradation: See 2011-2016 Yaris – Common Problems

Rear Speed Sensor Corrosion: The speed sensors in the rear wheel bearings in second-generation Yaris vehicles are prone to early corrosion. Symptoms include ABS and/or brake failure. Replacing the sensors (Part No. 83181-12020) will solve this problem.

Driver’s Side Power Window Master Switch Failure: Many second-generation Yaris owners reported having seen their driver’s side power window master switch melt. This is a result of the electric components inside the switch not being lubricated properly, exposing them to debris and moisture. Sometimes the switch will short circuit and melt as a result. To address this issue, Toyota issued a recall in late 2015 and either applied more lubricant to the switch or replaced the switch circuit board free of charge.

2006-2017 Toyota Yaris TSBs

To find these TSBs, you can try Googling the TSB ID #, the name of the TSB, or some combination. You can also go to https://www.safercar.gov and search for the TSB by entering your VIN.

YEAR                  MAKE MODEL TSB NAME TSB ID ISSUE DATE                
2006-2017 Toyota Yaris Alarm Triggering While Driving 199326 2017-03-23
2007-2017 Toyota Yaris HVAC Evaporator Drain Hose Clogged Due To Insect Intrusion 198794 2017-03-08
2007-2012 Toyota Yaris Passenger Frontal Air Bag Inflator May Rupture 197758 2017-01-10
2016-2017 Toyota Yaris Load Configuration Data 196180 2016-09-07
2006-2016 Toyota Yaris Drive Belt Squeal Noise On Cold Start 196178 2016-09-08
2006-2011 Toyota Yaris Passenger Frontal Air Bag Inflator May Rupture 194460 2016-05-23
2009-2013 Toyota Yaris Remote Keyless Entry Transmitter Inoperative 192690 2016-01-15
2006-2010 Toyota Yaris Power Window Master Switch May Melt 191636 2015-10-22
2006-2015 Toyota Yaris A/C System Diagnosis After Component Failure 189798 2015-05-13
2006-2015 Toyota Yaris Interior Electrical Component Precautions 189514 2015-04-10
2007-2008 Toyota Yaris SRS Precautions 185872 2007-12-01
2006-2010 Toyota Yaris Seat Rail Spring Failure 184331 2014-04-09
2006-2010 Toyota Yaris Driver's Air Bag May Not Deploy 184330 2014-04-09
2006-2014 Toyota Yaris Brake Pedal Force Gauge Sst For Parking Brake 181285 2013-09-09
2012 Toyota Yaris A Relay In The Power Steering Control Module Of The Electronic Power Steering System Could
 Experience A Short Circuit Due To Insufficient Distance Between Terminals In The Relay And
Moisture Contamination Of Relay Coil Windings.
180450 2013-07-03
2012-2013 Toyota Yaris Loose Windshield Dam At Lower Right Corner Of Windshield 180097 2013-06-05
2012 Toyota Yaris Passenger "Airbag Off" Light Illuminates Intermittently 175162 2012-06-27
2007-2012 Toyota Yaris Clunk Noise From Front Suspension 174878 2012-05-24
2007-2011 Toyota Yaris MIL "On" P043e, P043f, P2401, P2402, & P2419 Due To Water Intrusion Into Charcoal Canister 172930 2012-01-20
2007-2011 Toyota Yaris Clunk Noise From Front Suspension 169896 2011-06-17
2010 Toyota Yaris MIL "On" DTC P2420 168842 2011-04-07
2006-2010 Toyota Yaris Steering Intermediate Shaft Rattle Noise 161959 2010-05-03
2010 Toyota Yaris MIL "On" DTC P0713 (U34#E) 159487 2010-04-09
2009 Toyota Yaris Xm Satellite Radio Inoperative Until Ignition Key Is Cycled 151211 2009-08-11
2007-2008 Toyota Yaris HVAC Odor 149037 2009-04-07
2008-2009 Toyota Yaris Tire Pressure Monitoring System (Tpms) Tire Registration "Lost Communication With Ecu" 149034 2009-03-12
2007-2009 Toyota Yaris Transverse Engine Mount - Abnormal Noise And Vibration On Acceleration 147802 2009-02-19
2009 Toyota Yaris Tire Pressure Warning System Activation 147581 2008-08-07
2008-2009 Toyota Yaris Tire Inflation Pressure Compensation And Adjustment 146132 2008-11-06
2007-2008 Toyota Yaris MIL "On" DTC P010#, P0121, P0125, P0172, P035#, P2237, Or P2238 146131 2008-11-05
2007-2008 Toyota Yaris Upper Instrument Panel Rattle 145510 2008-09-30
2007-2009 Toyota Yaris Engine Serial Number Location 145116 2008-09-19
2006-2009 Toyota Yaris Permanent-Type Protective Wax Coatings 143857 2008-07-21
2007-2008 Toyota Yaris ABS MIL On DTC C0210 Or C0215 143352 2008-06-27
2006-2009 Toyota Yaris Cylinder Head Cover Baffle Precautions 142144 2008-04-16
2007-2008 Toyota Yaris HVAC Evaporator Drain Blockage 142135 2008-03-28
2008 Toyota Yaris Tire Pressure Warning Valve/Sensor Activation 140547 2007-08-14
2007 Toyota Yaris MIL On DTC P043e, P043f, P2401, P2402, & P2419 140076 2007-11-27
2007 Toyota Yaris MIL On DTC P0335 Only 139052 2007-08-30
2007 Toyota Yaris Noise From Auxiliary Port With External Device 139033 2007-08-10
2007 Toyota Yaris Accessory Drive Belt Noise 138237 2007-06-20
2007 Toyota Yaris Blower Motor Noise And Vibration 138226 2007-06-04
2007 Toyota Yaris HVAC Odor 137179 2007-03-06
2007 Toyota Yaris MIL On, DTC P0011, P0012, Or P0016 136794 2007-02-09
2007 Toyota Yaris Charging System Warning Light On 136358 2007-01-26
2007 Toyota Yaris Ig1 Relay Freezing 136357 2007-01-12
2007 Toyota Yaris Remanufactured Automatic Transmission Serial Number Location 134948 2006-09-01
2007 Toyota Yaris Automatic Transmission Serial Number Location 134947 2006-09-01
2007 Toyota Yaris Upper / Lower Windshield Tick Noise 134944 2006-09-18
2007 Toyota Yaris Parking Brake Lever Dust Boot 134075 2006-07-06
2007 Toyota Yaris Excessive Sulfur Odor 133811 2006-06-05
2007 Toyota Yaris Front Seat Squeak Noise 133391 2006-05-23
2007 Toyota Yaris Ilsac Gf-4 Engine Oil Recommendation 132803 2006-03-29
2007 Toyota Yaris Front Emergency Towing Eyelet & Eyelet Hole Cover 132372 2005-12-22
Written by Jason Lancaster