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Is the Toyota Yaris Right For You? - Toyota Parts Blog

If you want to know how the Toyota Yaris stacks up to similar subcompact cars like the Honda Fit or the Nissan Versa, the first thing you must consider is your needs.

While the Yaris is the smallest of the three vehicles, its entry level price option is lower than both the Fit and the Versa. Additionally, the MPG on the Yaris is greater than both of the other cars and it is equipped with genuine Toyota parts.

Another important element is the Consumer Reports predicted reliability rating. The 2009 Yaris received the highest ranking of “much better than average.” By comparison, the Fit received a “better than average rating and the Versa was given an “average” rating.

Ultimately, if you are looking for the least expensive option then the Yaris is your best bet. Otherwise, it might be time to start upgrading to a roomier model. See your local Toyota dealer for more information on the Toyota Yaris.

Written by Tom Blackman