Is The Toyota Yaris Right For You?

Are you in the market for a subcompact car? If you ask us, the Toyota Yaris is a great option. Is it right for you, though? The best way to find out is to:

  • Compare it to similar subcompact cars on the market
  • Go over your needs

We'll help you with that. In this guide, we'll compare the Toyota Yaris to the Honda Fit and the Nissan Versa. We'll also discuss the most important factors to consider while shopping for a new car.

1. Your Car Budget

Yaris budget

Are you on a budget? You'll save quite a bit of money on a Toyota Yaris compared to the Fit and Versa.

  • The Yaris is the smallest of the three vehicles. Accordingly, its base price is lower than both the Fit and the Versa.
  • The MPG on the Yaris is greater than both of the other cars, so you'll save some money on gas.
  • The Yaris is loaded with genuine Toyota parts. It's a big deal because Toyota's cars and parts are built to last a long time if maintained well. It's not unheard of for the Toyota Yaris to last at least 250,000 miles.

If you are looking for the least expensive option, the Yaris is your best bet. You'll not only save some money upfront. You'll also save money on gas and maintenance in the long run.

2. Maintenance Costs

Maintenance parts on subcompact cars are cheaper than maintenance parts on, say, pickup trucks. These parts (such as brake parts, filters, lights, etc.) pretty much cost the same for all 3 models. Yet, you'll save a lot of money by shopping with us. We carry only genuine OEM Toyota parts, including maintenance parts for the Yaris. Since our overhead costs are low, we can offer wholesale pricing. That means you'll save about 30% on OEM parts for your Yaris. Check out our catalog of OEM Yaris parts to see how much money you can save on maintenance parts.

Plus, the Toyota Yaris is pretty easy to work on. If you know your way around cars, you'll save a lot of money on labor by working on your Yaris at home. We put together a few DIY tutorials for Yaris owners:

3. Interior Space Of The Yaris

Yaris interior

The Toyota Yaris has so much to offer, except a roomy interior. It sports a comfortable interior, but it's not as roomy as the Nissan Versa or the Honda Fit. We looked at the EPA interior volume of the Yaris, Versa, and Fit. We discovered that the Honda Fit has the most interior space at 112.3 cubic feet. The Nissan Versa comes in second at 103.6 cubic feet. The Yaris has slightly less interior space at 102.6 cubic feet.

If interior space is a deciding factor, you may want to go with the Honda Fit. If you'd rather get a Toyota, consider getting one of the following Toyota models:

  • Toyota C-HR (105.1 cubic feet)
  • Toyota Prius (117.7 cubic feet)

4. Yaris' Reliability

Another important element is the Consumer Reports predicted reliability rating. Toyota is known for producing very reliable cars. The Yaris is no exception. It's a reliable car with only a few known issues. Consumer Reports keeps giving the Yaris a high ranking year after year. It ranked the 2020 Yaris among the top subcompact cars on the market. It also gave the Yaris a 4 out or 5 reliability rating. J.D. Power also gave the model a 79 out of 100 score, which is a great quality and reliability rating.

By comparison, the 2020 Fit received a 4 out of 5 reliability rating too. The 2020 Versa received a 3 out of 5 reliability rating.

If you consider all the factors listed in this post, it's clear that the Toyota Yaris is a great option for a subcompact car.