Replacing Your Toyota Yaris Oil Filter

The essential lifeblood of your Toyota Yaris is the oil that travels through the engine, lubricating all of the moving parts and keeping things cool. To maximize engine life, you want to change the oil at regular intervals as suggested by your owner’s manual.

After you have removed the old oil in your Yaris, it’s important to replace the old oil filter as well. The oil filter removes impurities from the oil as it circulates throughout the engine, and a new filter is needed to keep the new oil fresh and clean.

Put another way, it makes very little sense to change the Yaris’s oil without changing the filter at the same time. 

Oil Filter
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Replacement Instructions

1. Locate the filter and place the oil drain pan underneath it.

2. With a filter wrench, you can remove the filter by turning it counterclockwise. NOTE: The filter has hot oil in it, so take care when you remove it from your vehicle.

3. Once the filter is off, place it upside down in the drain pan to get the remaining oil out of it, and leave it in the pan for 10 minutes (or so) so it can drain completely.

4. Place the old filter in a plastic bag and dispose of it in a responsible manner. Also, be sure to wipe off any oil spills on the engine/frame with a rag.

5. Take a look to ensure the oil filter gasket is not still attached to the vehicle and then clean the connection area. Make sure the gasket on your new filter (OEM part 90915-YZZF2) is completely seated before you attach it to the car.

6. With a clockwise motion, install the new oil filter using the filter wrench. Do not over-tighten the filter.

7. Now you can add your new oil to your car. Check for leaks once you have added the oil and never overfill your oil.

8. Last but not least, dispose of old oil in a responsible manner. If you’ve done everything correctly, your Yaris should be good to go for another 5,000+ miles (some newer models can go 10k miles between changes). Your new filter shouldn’t leak any oil, so if you find more than a drop or two of oil on the ground after everything is done, be sure to check the filter and drain plug for proper tightness and seal.