Toyota Oil Filter Replacement - 90915-YZZD1

Oil is essential to the maintenance of your engine, so you want to schedule regular oil changes that correspond with the suggested times and miles in your owner’s manual. 

Toyota Oil Filter Replacement - 90915-YZZD1

When you change your oil make sure you pick up an OEM replacement filter. it is the right part for your vehicle.

In order to change the oil, you must first place it on a level surface and apply the parking brake. Allow the vehicle to warm up to regular temperatures in order to circulate the oil. Put gloves and protective eyewear on before changing your oil.

Locate the drain plug under the engine and place a drain pan under it. Remove the oil filler cap, then remove the drain plug. Allow the oil to drain for several minutes. Be careful, as the oil will be hot. Replace the drain plug washer and the drain plug once it has drained. Add the drain plug by hand to keep from over-tightening it.

Once you have changed the oil in your Toyota, you want to replace the oil filter with a fresh, clean filter. The oil filter is responsible for filtering impurities out of the oil as it circulates throughout the engine. It is always a good practice to change both the filter and the oil at the same time.

Start by locating the filter on your model and place your oil drain pan underneath it. Using a filter wrench, remove the filter by turning it in a counterclockwise motion. The filter will be hot and filled with hot oil, so take care of removing it.

Place the used filter upside down in the pan for at least 10 minutes to drain out the remaining oil. Bag the used filter and dispose of it responsibly. Wipe down the side of the engine to remove any oil spills.

Check to ensure the oil gasket is completely removed from the engine. Clean the area where the gasket will connect to the engine. Make sure the gasket on the new filter is fully seated.

Install the new oil filter and tighten it clockwise with the filter wrench. Wipe any oil off the filter, and be careful not to over-tighten it.

You are now ready to add new oil. After you add the oil, make sure you have no leaks. Never overfill your oil, and dispose of your used oil in a manner that is responsible.

When replacing the oil filter, use OEM part 90915-YZZD1.

You can order your new oil filter online here.