Are OEM Key Fobs Better Than Aftermarket?

Key fobs get a lot of daily use and also punishment in our pockets, handbags, or backpacks. Your Toyota smart key fob may eventually wear out, get damaged, or lost. Learn more about common Toyota key problems in this post. When it’s time to replace a broken or missing key fob, you might compare OEM replacement fobs with those available from the aftermarket. While aftermarket options might be tempting you with lower prices, there are several reasons to consider a genuine OEM Toyota replacement key fob.

Functionality And Security

Toyota key fob

Toyota smart key fobs offer advanced functionality, including remote start or proximity sensors that keep you from locking the key in the car or driving off without it. These fobs also incorporate advanced immobilizer electronics for security. There are several generations of the Toyota smart key, each offering more sophisticated anti-theft measures and functionality.

Aftermarket key fobs can present issues with compatibility.  Programming an incompatible smart key fob can put the onboard computers into lockdown mode. Once the computers are locked, they may require costly repairs, including replacing several computer modules. If you need to replace your Toyota smart key fob, choosing OEM and having a qualified Toyota dealer or locksmith program the new fob is better.

Quality And Reliability

Toyota key fob

OEM Toyota smart key fobs are manufactured to the highest quality, security, and reliability standards. Aftermarket fobs are often manufactured with subpar components and materials. While the low price may seem attractive, aftermarket fobs will likely be less durable and reliable than OEM key fobs. The buttons may not function to OEM standards, and the signal range may also be poor.

OEM key fobs are designed to be fully compatible with your Toyota’s onboard electronics. Inferior components in aftermarket key fobs may cause reliability issues with security features.  The electronics may not always work correctly, leaving you locked out of your vehicle or unable to start your car. Malfunctions with aftermarket key fobs may also leave you vulnerable to theft of your car or personal belongings.


OEM Toyota smart key fobs include a minimum 12-month warranty from the time of purchase. Aftermarket fobs often have short warranties or no warranty at all after the return period. Learn more about what types of key fobs Toyota offers, and how to know what kind you have here. If you have questions about replacing or reprogramming your transponder key or smart key fob, email us or give us a call.

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