Are OEM Toyota Hybrid Battery Fan Filters Better Than Aftermarket?

Your Toyota’s hybrid fan filter helps keep dirt and dust out of the fan. If the filter gets clogged or blocked, the fan won't move enough air, causing the battery to overheat. Clearly, the hybrid fan filter is an important component, but are OEM Toyota hybrid fan filters better than aftermarket parts?

In this blog, we look into the pros and cons of each to help you make the best choice.

Aftermarket Hybrid Battery Fan Filters

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An aftermarket hybrid battery fan filter does not have to meet manufacturer standards. Most are generic items that won’t always fit right. Cheaper filter materials won’t be able to filter out dirt and dust effectively.

Aftermarket Hybrid Battery Fan Filter Pros:

  • Sometimes cheaper

Aftermarket Hybrid Battery Fan Filter Cons:

  • Won’t always fit right.
  • Can leak and let dust pass by, which coats the battery, making it harder to cool
  • May need replacement more often due to inferior materials
  • Won’t be built to manufacture specifications

OEM Hybrid Battery Fan Filters

Buying an OEM hybrid battery fan filter guarantees a perfect fit. They are manufactured to OEM standards. This ensures proper dirt filtration. And a longer fan lifespan. Aftermarket filters may look the same, but only OEM parts will work like the manufacturer intended.

OEM Hybrid Battery Fan Filter Pros:

  • Fits perfectly every time
  • Built to OEM specifications
  • Lasts longer than aftermarket items
  • Comes with Toyota’s 12-month, unlimited mileage warranty

OEM Hybrid Battery Fan Filter Cons:

  • Can cost more than an aftermarket item

Always Use OEM Hybrid Battery Fan Filters In Your Toyota

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If you want the best fit and performance from your hybrid fan filter, then OEM is the only way to go. Olathe Toyota Parts Center has over 15 years of online sales experience. We supply OEM Toyota parts backed by a 12-month, unlimited mileage warranty. Our stock is available at wholesale prices with same-day shipping.

Replacing your Toyota’s hybrid fan filter is easier than you’d think. Read our blog on Common Hybrid Battery Fan Filter Problems here or watch our hybrid battery fan filter replacement guide to know how to do it yourself.

Every OEM hybrid fan filter will fit perfectly and meet the manufacturer’s standards. Our Toyota VIN decoder will help you find the right part, the first time. Call us at 1-888-596-1970 or contact us online today.