Can I Start My Toyota With The Toyota Smartphone App?

Toyota’s remote start is a great feature. Especially if you live in an area where winter temperatures dip below freezing. In this blog we examine which Toyota models have this feature, how it works and what alternatives you have if your car isn’t equipped with it.

Toyota Connected Services

The ability to start your car via your smartphone is a relatively new feature. It is included in 'Remote Connect' - one of the 5 connected service packages (learn about all of Toyota's connected service packages here) from Toyota:

  1. Safety Connect
  2. Service Connect
  3. Drive Connect
  4. Remote Connect
  5. Wi-Fi Connect

Let's dive into the features of Remote Connect, and discuss whether it's available for your Toyota.

What Is Remote Connect?

Remote connect with smartphone

Remote Connect lets you control certain vehicle functions through a compatible smart device. The features available depend on the age and model of your Toyota. Some models from the 2018 to 2020 model year have a remote start button on the key fob. Newer models have done away with this, and you have to access the app to use remote start. Toyota models available with the remote connect app include:

  • 2018 + Toyota Camry, Murai and Sienna
  • 2019 + Toyota Avalon, Camry, C-HR, Corolla Hatchback, Prius, Rav4 and Sienna
  • 2020 + Toyota Corolla and Sienna

What Features Does Remote Connect Offer?

Please note that the features listed here are model dependent, but most models with remote connect can remotely:

  • Start your vehicle
  • Lock and unlock doors
  • Control battery settings on electric and plug-in hybrid models
  • Adjust climate settings
  • Sound the horn
  • Receive vehicle status alerts

What Does It Cost?

  • 1-year no-cost trial period on all new models
  • $8/month subscription fee (or $80/per year) thereafter
  • Can be bundled with other connected services

Remote Connect is offered as a subscription service. All new Toyotas come with a 1-year free trial whereafter you will need to pay $8/month to keep using the feature. It’s slightly cheaper to pay annually, ($80/year) and it can be bundled with other connected services. Check out the Connected Services Guides in this article for more info.

2018-2020 model year Toyotas that have a remote start function on the key fob were initially offered a 3-year trial period. The same charges apply if you intend to keep using the remote start feature once the trial period ends.

What If You Don’t Have Remote Connect?

remote start toyota

2017 and older models don’t come with connected services or Remote Connect. However, if your vehicle meets the conditions below, it can still be retrofitted with a remote start function: Remote start can be fitted if:

  1. Your vehicle has an automatic transmission
  2. You have an integrated Smart Key system, and
  3. It is one of the following models:
  • 2010 + Toyota Camry or Venza
  • 2011 + Toyota Highlander, Rav4, Sequoia, Sienna, Tundra or Yaris
  • 2012 + Toyota Corolla, Matrix or Prius
  • 2016 + Toyota Tacoma

If your car does not have an alarm fitted, it will need a hood switch fitted as well. Contact your nearest Toyota dealer to find out more.

Olathe Toyota Parts Center – Quality OEM Parts At Wholesale Prices

Toyota’s remote start feature makes cold morning departures much more bearable. As we mentioned, most newer Toyota models come equipped with this feature as standard. And some older models can have it retrofitted.

  • Most 2018-on models can use a key fob button or smartphone to activate remote start
  • Certain 2010-2017 models can be retrofitted with a remote start function

The ability to control your car through your smartphone is a great feature. While not every model comes equipped with it, all Toyotas are built to the highest standards with quality OEM parts. To keep your car performing at its best, never settle for aftermarket replacement components.

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