Are OEM Toyota Ball Joints Better Than Aftermarket?

If you need new ball joints for your Toyota, you’re probably considering aftermarket replacements. From a distance, they do seem the same and usually cost less. However, more often than not, aftermarket parts do not perform nearly as well as OEM parts. Here are some crucial reasons to choose genuine OEM ball joints for your Toyota vehicle.

OEM Vs. Aftermarket

Aftermarket parts are usually more affordable up front, but in the case of ball joints can have many shortcomings, including:

  • Imprecise fit
  • May not perform identically to the OEM part
  • Excessive play or tolerances
  • Less or lower-quality grease
  • Lower-quality materials

Exact Fit And Performance

OEM ball joints are engineered for a precise fit on your vehicle. The dimensions and specifications match the original part exactly. This makes the installation process straightforward, reducing the risk of compatibility issues. Matched performance is critical when it comes to suspension parts. Mismatched parts can affect the vehicle’s original steering and handling characteristics. That's why Toyota designs OEM replacement ball joints to perform identically and seamlessly with your original suspension system.

Toyota Quality And Reliability

Toyota ball joints

The reliability of aftermarket ball joints can be uncertain. Compromises in materials, tolerances, and manufacturing can allow aftermarket ball joints to perform poorly and have a shorter life than OEM ball joints. Additionally, ball joints are often integrated into control arms and can’t be serviced separately. Quality becomes an increasing concern when replacing parts as an assembly. The larger and more complex the part, the more fit and material quality can impact its performance and longevity. We often have good intentions of saving money on inexpensive parts. However, frequently replacing a cheap part costs more than buying a high-quality, reliable OEM part that lasts much longer.

OEM Warranty

OEM Toyota ball joints include a minimum 12-month warranty from the date of purchase. Aftermarket ball joints and related parts often have shorter or less comprehensive warranties after the return period. If any problems with your ball joints do arise, you'll want a reliable warranty to turn to. If you have questions about finding the proper ball joints for your Toyota, email us or give us a call.

OEM Toyota Ball Joints From Olathe Toyota Parts Center

We have a large selection of high-quality, durable OEM ball joints for a variety of Toyota makes and models. All our parts are backed by the standard Toyota 12-month, unlimited miles warranty. We're also centrally located in Kansas City, we provide fast shipping to the east and west coasts.

Do you have questions? We have a large selection of online Toyota resources to help, including a handy VIN look up tool that will help you learn all about your Toyota's specs. Shop for genuine Toyota parts online or contact us today.