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Blast From the Toyota Past Pumpkin: Carve Your Own Classic Toyota Truck!

Everyone else in the neighborhood is going to carve the same ole’ goofy face into their pumpkin — show them up by carving a Toyota truck into yours!

Toyota Spark Plug Replacement – 90080-91180

  In the internal combustion engine, the spark plug delivers spark to that ignites the fuel. The plugs are located within the engine. Spark plugs can wear out and get[…]

Toyota Water Pump Replacement – 16100-29085

It is the water pump that keeps the engine running coolly in your 2008 through 2010 Toyota Highlander Hybrid. By consistently circulating water throughout your engine compartment, you help eliminate[…]

Get Your Toyota Ready for the Winter

Is Your Toyota Ready For Cold Weather? Modern vehicles are fairly rugged, but Mother Nature is a tough old lady. Despite your Toyota’s potent capabilities, winter conditions aren’t you want[…]

Your Toyota is Speaking to You: Here’s What it’s Saying

If your Toyota is making an abnormal noise, listen to it. Don’t ignore it, it’s your vehicle’s attempt in telling you something’s just not right.

BedLiner Company Reveals Installer Data from Across the Country

DualLiner, the creator of an innovative component bed liner system for pickup trucks that significantly raises the bar over today’s plastic drop-in and spray-in bed liners, teamed up with a[…]

4th Gen Toyota 4Runner Paint Code Guide

The 4th Generation of the Toyota 4Runner was produced from 2003 – 2009. For this incarnation, Toyota gave their legendary SUV a more refined feel. By adding options and colors[…]

Replacing Your Toyota Yaris Oil Filter

The essential lifeblood of your Toyota Yaris is the oil that travels through the engine, lubricating all of the moving parts and keeping things cool. To maximize engine life, you[…]

Toyota Brake Check Time: It’s Time to Check on Your Braking System

As car owners, many of us neglect to check on our brake systems, but will always assume they’ll be there when we need them. Just as anything else on your[…]

5 Tips for Protecting Your Toyota’s Windshield

Almost all of us have been there at one point or another: We’re driving down the highway fun and fancy free, and all of a sudden, BAM. The sound is[…]

Toyota Tundra Troubleshooting: What to Do When Your Transmission is Slipping?

The Toyota Tundra has experienced a plague of hefty transmission problems since their second-generation model release in 2007. Many Tundra owners claim they experience hesitation from their automatic transmission when[…]

Toyota Says “No Crankshaft? No Problem!”

Suck. Squeeze. Bang. Blow. The familiar Otto cycle’s rhythm and pattern has remained a fixture of the modern engine, and that’s largely been the case for nearly a century. While[…]

Toyota Air Filter Replacement – 17801-0H010

Everything needs clean air to breathe, and your vehicle is no different. By regularly changing the air filter, you give your engine the chance to perform better. The air filter[…]

Toyota Tacoma Paint Code Guide

Each year, it seems like automakers come out with new, fancier paint color names and mixes. While these colors may improve the look, they are a pain to try and[…]

Toyota Front Brake Pad Replacement – 04465-35290

Your front brakes are an important part of the safety equipment on your vehicle. Like all maintenance items, brakes are subject to wear and tear, which means you will need[…]

Toyota Oil Filter Replacement – 90915-YZZD1

Oil is essential to the maintenance of your engine, so you want to schedule regular oil changes that correspond with the suggested times and miles in your owner’s manual.

6 Ways to Make Your Toyota Truck Low-Maintenance

Trucks, by their hard-working nature, require more maintenance than other vehicles. However, there are simple things you can do to cut down on the time spent maintaining one. Here are[…]

Lexus SC 2002-2010 Paint Code Guide

Matching paint colors can often be a bear. Automakers put out several shades of the same color and/or have specific mixes and the Lexus SC is no exception. No longer[…]

Toyota Tacoma Top Aftermarket Products and Accessories

The Toyota Tacoma is a pretty awesome stock truck. However, there are many great products to personalize it and amp up its performance. If you are ready to take your[…]

Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle Stops in San Francisco – Is Hydrogen a Viable Fuel Source?

Toyota is taking their new Fuel Cell Vehicle on tour throughout the U.S. The first stop is in San Francisco in front of a crowd filled with scientists. Will they see[…]

eBay Find – Fully Restored, Lexus V6 Powered 1991 MR2

What’s better than a sharp looking 1991 MR2? How about tossing a Lexus 3.0L V6 in it with a custom clear hood? Drooling yet? You will be after you see[…]

Scion xD Power Window Failure Guide

Are your Scion xD power windows not working correctly? Is one falling down? Get them fixed by following this guide to common problems and their solutions.

Scion xD Power Door Lock Failure Guide

Are your power door locks in your Scion xD not working? Is one door lock stuck? Get it fixed by following this guide to common problems and their solutions.

Ultimate Toyota and RK Motors Built NASCAR Camry Spotted

Once upon a time, Toyota designed a one-of-a-kind NASCAR Edition Camry for the 2010 SEMA show. It has recently resurfaced on auction blocks and eBay for sale. If you haven’t[…]

Toyota Yaris Maintenace – Change Brake Pads

Are your brakes squealing or grinding in your Toyota Yaris? Do you feel like it is harder to stop your car? Change out the old brakes by following this guide.

Toyota Sequoia Power Window Failure Guide

Is your Toyota Sequoia having power window problems? Is one window stuck? Get the problem fixed by following the common solutions in this guide.

1986 Toyota Soarer Right-Hand Drive – Supra Cousin

Combing through eBay.com, we came across a rare gem in the form of a 1986 Toyota Soarer. The Soarer name not ringing a bell? That’s because it is a Japanese[…]

Scion xB Power Window Failure Guide

Are your Scion xB’s power windows causing you grief? Has one fallen? Here is a handy guide to help you fix many of the most common problems.

Toyota Sequoia Door Lock Failure – Diagnose Guide

Is your Toyota Sequoia having power door lock problems? Is one door not working anymore? Get them fixed today by checking out this handy guide to the most common problems.

Scion tC Power Window Failure Guide

Are you having problems with your Scion tC power windows? Has one fallen down? Here is how to fix many of the common problems.

1994 Toyota Celica ST Custom Show Car – eBay Find

The Toyota Celica was a pretty sporty looking car back in the day and this show car really accentuates its curvy styling. Throw in the custom fabrication with unique features[…]

Scion xB Power Door Lock Failure Guide

Are you having trouble with your Scion xB’s door locks? Did one or all of them stop working? Get it fixed by looking over this guide with the most common[…]

Scion tC Maintenace – Shock and Spring Replacement

The Scion’s ride quality is based on several things, yet some of the important items are the shocks and springs. If your Scion tC doesn’t feel right or if the[…]

2014 Toyota Highlander Limited Review – Great Upgrades

Recently, I had the chance to drive Toyota’s all-new 2014 Highlander for a week. During this time, it became pretty clear that this SUV is a big step up from[…]

Toyota Yaris Power Window Failure Guide

Are you having problems with your Toyota Yaris power windows? Is a window stuck? Get it fixed by looking over these common problems and solutions.

Toyota Corolla Power Window Failure Guide

Are your power windows failing to open/close fully? Are they stuck or has one fallen down? Check out this handy guide to fix the problem.

Project ROH Super+Turbo Charged Toyota FT86 – Power Plus Handling

Australia may be home to a faltering automotive industry, but that doesn’t mean the aftermarket suppliers are tossing in the towel. Instead, they responded to the negative PR with this[…]

Toyota Camry Maintenance – Oil Change

Is it time for an oil change on your Toyota Camry? Ready to tackle it yourself? Here is how to change your Toyota Camry oil.

Toyota 4Runner Door Lock Failure – Diagnose Guide

Are your Toyota 4Runner doors locks driving you nuts? Are they broken or not responding to the key fob? Get them fixed with this power door lock guide.

1342 HP Toyota Supra Turbo For Sale – Drag Strip Ready

You want a really fast Toyota Supra? Time to dust your buddies at the track? Then, this 1342 HP Toyota Supra Turbo is the right car for you! Drag International[…]

Buying a Vehicle on Craigslist – What You Need to Know

Buying a vehicle from a private seller on Craigslist can be a great way to save money. Craigslist is one of the top places to find vehicles sold by private[…]

Toyota Highlander Power Door Lock Failure – Diagnosis Guide

Are your Toyota Highlander’s power door locks causing you grief? Is one door not working? Here are some answers to fixing this problem.

Toyota Land Cruiser Door Lock Failure – Repair Guide

Is your Toyota Land Cruiser giving you issues when you try to lock/unlock the doors? Has the key fob quit unlocking the doors? If you said yes, then this door[…]

Toyota Tacoma Polar Expedition Back on Auction Block

The one-of-a-kind Toyota Tacoma Polar Expedition is on the market once again. If you are into serious off-roading and/or driving in extreme cold conditions, this original $400k build is exactly[…]

Complete History of the Toyota Supra Book Now Available

A new book is available for Toyota Supra fans with a forward from our very own Tom Blackman! The book available on the Smashwords.com site is a “definite history of[…]

Toyota RAV4 Door Lock Failure – Diagnose Guide

Are your RAV4 door locks not working? Is just one broken? Does your key fob no longer unlock the doors? Here is a handy guide to help diagnose and fix[…]

SEMA Show Tundra For Sale on eBay

Tired of stock trucks? This custom 2011 Toyota Tundra SEMA show truck, up for sale on eBay right now, is pretty special. It has a big lift, a custom interior[…]

eBay Find -1966 Toyota FJ45 Land Cruiser Pickup, Ready to Finish

Got an itch for an old FJ45 pickup? eBay has one up on auction right now that just needs some finish work. Check out this 1966 Toyota FJ45 LWB pickup.

Toyota Yaris Door Lock Failure – Diagnose Guide

Having problems with your Toyota Yaris power door locks? Are some doors locks working and others not? Are they all broken? Here is a handy guide to help diagnose and[…]

Toyota Corolla Maintenance – Oil Change

Is your Toyota Corolla due for an oil change? Want to tackle it yourself? Here is how to do it.