Toyota Weatherstripping Buyer's Guide

Weatherstripping is one of the most overlooked parts of a car. Yet, when a weatherstrip fails, you’ll notice. Are you looking for more information about Toyota weatherstripping? You came to the right place. We made a series of informative posts about weatherstripping. Here’s a round up of all these posts:

What Is Weatherstripping And Why is It Important?

Worn weather stripping

Image Credit: PriusChat

First things first. If you’re wondering what weatherstripping is, this post has all the details. To sum it up, weatherstripping is a durable rubber strip. You would find weatherstrips all over your Toyota, including:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Windshield
  • More places

Weatherstripping serves several important purposes:

  • It keeps your car’s interior clean, dry, and comfortable
  • It prevents metal-on-metal contact between body parts
  • It even helps your Toyota’s fuel economy

How You Know It’s Time To Replace The Weatherstripping On Your Car

The weatherstripping should last a long time. Yet, Toyotas last so long that sometimes the weatherstripping fails when the vehicle still has many miles to go. If that happens, you want to replace it ASAP. But first you need to figure out if you’ve got bad weatherstripping on your car. This guide will help you confirm the issue.

It’s quite easy. All you need to do is inspect the weatherstripping for any physical damage.

How To Replace Toyota Weatherstripping

Need to replace the weatherstripping on your Toyota? Skip the shop and do it right at home! It’s quite an easy process. This tutorial has all the steps you need. Here’s a summary of the weatherstripping replacement process:

  1. Remove any trim, if necessary
  2. Remove the old weatherstripping and residual adhesive
  3. Install the new weatherstripping
  4. Reinstall the trim (if applicable)

OEM Vs. Aftermarket Weatherstripping

Before replacing the weatherstripping on your Toyota, order a replacement part. This raises the question: should you get OEM weatherstripping? Or should you settle for aftermarket weatherstripping? According to this comparison guide, always get OEM. It's because OEM weatherstripping offers so much more value in terms of:

  • Material quality
  • Fitment

The good news is you can save quite a bit of money on OEM weatherstripping if you shop with us. We offer wholesale pricing for genuine OEM Toyota parts. Check out our catalog of OEM weatherstripping and get some for your car today!

Written by Jason Lancaster