Our Favorite Toyota Super Bowl Commercials

Did you know that Toyota makes some of the best Super Bowl commercials ever? With the Super Bowl coming up soon, let’s go over some of the greatest Toyota Super Bowl commercials we’ve ever seen.

If you need a reason to watch these commercials, we have several good ones. You’ll see the new “reinvented” Camry, Eli Manning, angry badgers, and more. Get ready to sit back and laugh your head off!

A Funny Take On The All-New “Reinvented” Toyota Camry

A blender that plays Lionel Richie? A curtain made out of pizza? Shut up and take our money!

This Is How Eli Manning Throws A Pen

This commercial is a great throwback to when Eli Manning played for the Giants. Only Eli Manning would throw a pen like that!

Badgers And Cannons

This 2009 Toyota Super Bowl commercial features a Corolla, badgers and a cannon. What else do you need for a great commercial? How about some genuine Toyota parts? Okay, that was a shameless plug.

What Would You Do For A Chance To Drive An RAV4?

This Toyota RAV4 commercial has some great slapstick comedy. It even includes an explosion.

Cobie Smulders To The Rescue

Watch Cobie Smulders and her reliable Toyota Highlander rescue people in various crazy situations!

Looking For A Little Inspiration?

Toni Harris teaches a valuable lesson in this commercial. It’s worth watching!

We’re All One Team

This heartwarming Super Bowl ad highlights the joys of driving a Toyota and bonding with people from all walks of life.

Written by Jason Lancaster