How Do You Make Exhaust Louder?

Looking for a louder, throatier sound for your car? You're not alone. Some people like to hear all the power their car has to offer. Others want a little more performance that comes with a less restricted exhaust.

Whatever your reason for wanting a louder exhaust, we have good news. There are many different ways to make your exhaust louder within legal bounds. (We recommend checking your local jurisdiction's noise ordinance laws first. Here's a good source to begin with.) Let's talk about a few of the most common ways to increase your car's exhaust sound.

TRD exhaust system

Installing an OEM TRD muffler or exhaust system like this one (for 2009-12 Tacoma, part #PT910-89060) is the best way to make your exhaust louder.

1. Drilling Holes Into The Muffler

This is the cheapest and most straightforward way to alter your Toyota's element of sound. But it may be the riskiest way, too.

Image Credit: David Schwartz

Drilling holes in the muffler involves drilling a big hole (or a few small holes) into the muffler. Some people drill into the same area where the tailpipe is attached. Others drill into the side of the muffler. This isn't a good idea, though, because it comes with several risks. For example:

  • Exhaust fumes can enter the cabin
  • There's "trial and error" involved; errors are hard to fix
  • The exhaust may become too loud and put you into violation of the city's noise ordinances
  • Dirt and moisture can get into the muffler and rust it out
  • Internal parts of the muffler can be loosened, and rattle or buzz

2. Deleting The Exhaust

Deleting the exhaust (but keeping the catalytic converter) is another risky way to make your exhaust louder. This method makes your car very loud and more likely to violate any noise ordinances in the area.

Delete exhaust

Image Credit: ft86club

If you do this, you will very likely get a ticket sooner or later. You may also be forced to install a new exhaust system. You may not be able to reuse your old exhaust system. It's because sometimes you would need to cut your pipes (and render them useless) to delete the exhaust.

So deleting the exhaust isn't a good idea for these reasons:

  • You can get a ticket
  • The local jurisdiction may force you to install a new exhaust system
  • Harmful exhaust fumes can enter the cabin
  • Your car or truck probably won't pass a safety inspection, if you have them in your area

3. Installing Resonator Exhaust Tips

TRD Resonator

Resonator exhaust tips are slip-on tubes with hollow air chambers. They change the airflow in such a way that creates more sound. Resonator exhaust tips can only increase the exhaust sound a little bit, and the sound they make is a higher pitched, buzzier sound. If you're looking for a more intense, throatier sound, you'd be better off replacing the muffler or exhaust system.

4. Installing A New Muffler

Stock mufflers work great, but they can be pretty restrictive to anyone who's looking for more sound. A new muffler is more expensive than resonator exhaust tips, but it'll make your car much louder.

TRD Muffler

When it comes to mufflers, quality means everything. A low-quality muffler can violate your local jurisdiction's noise and emissions regulations. It may also create performance or fitment issues. Luckily, Toyota offers OEM performance mufflers: TRD sport mufflers. TRD sport mufflers are designed with OEM standards and performance in mind. Win-win.

A TRD sport muffler functions the same as a regular muffler, but it's less restrictive. It also lets the engine breathe more freely (which creates more sound). Installing a TRD sport muffler comes with a few more benefits:

  • Reduced back pressure
  • More power from the engine
  • Adherence to noise and emissions standards

5. Installing A New Exhaust System

TRD Exhaust

If you want to go all out, replace the entire exhaust system. A less restrictive exhaust system will give your car more power and a deep throaty sound. You can't go wrong with a TRD exhaust system. It's an OEM exhaust system that's designed with performance in mind. Like all OEM Toyota parts, TRD exhaust systems are:

The Best Option: Use A Genuine TRD Muffler Or Exhaust System

If you ask us, the best option in this list is to upgrade to a genuine OEM TRD muffler or exhaust system. These parts:

  • Are high quality
  • Come with a warranty
  • Won't affect the way your vehicle drives
  • Won't impact your emissions
  • Won't you get any noise ordinance tickets or citations
  • Will fit perfectly

Do you have any questions about replacing your muffler or exhaust system? You’re welcome to contact us. We’ll help you any way we can!

Written by Jason Lancaster