Toyota Highlander Liftgate Replacement

Do you have a Toyota Highlander with a malfunctioning liftgate? You can skip the dealership and replace the liftgate at home. Below, you'll find two Toyota Highlander liftgate replacement tutorials:

  1. A tutorial on replacing the liftgate lift cylinders
  2. A tutorial on replacing the liftgate door

Getting Replacement Part(s) First

Toyota liftgate arm OEM

Before you can start the job, you need to get all the replacement parts you need. You have three options:

  1. Visit a dealership and pay an inflated price for genuine OEM replacement parts
  2. Buy aftermarket replacement parts
  3. Order genuine OEM replacement parts from us at wholesale pricing

The third option is the best one. Aftermarket parts are a hit or miss in terms of quality and fitment. Yet, many people buy aftermarket replacement parts. It's because because aftermarket parts are cheaper than OEM parts at dealerships.

With us, you can get high quality genuine OEM replacement parts at wholesale pricing. The best of both worlds. You'd save quite a bit of money by shopping with us. For example, you can save almost $10 on this liftgate lift cylinder for 2014-2019 Highlanders.

To find the right liftgate part(s) for your Highlander, look up your Highlander. Next, do a search on the liftgate part(s) you need. If you need help finding the right part(s), you're welcome to get in touch with us.

How To Replace Liftgate Lift Cylinders On A Toyota Highlander

oem cylinders

If your Highlander has weak liftgate lift cylinders, here's how to replace them:

  1. Grab the tools you will need:
    1. 10 mm socket
    2. Ratchet
    3. Extension
  2. Grab a helper, tall jack stand, a broom, or something else that will prop up the liftgate while you replace the cylinders
  3. Open the liftgate and then prop it open
  4. Unscrew the bolts holding each liftgate lift cylinder in place
  5. Remove both liftgate lift cylinders (It's always good to replace both cylinders at the same time because it keeps the lifting force the same at both sides.)
  6. Screw the new liftgate lift cylinders in place

That's all! It's a pretty simple and straightforward process.

How To Replace A Liftgate Door On A Toyota Highlander

OEM toyota liftgate

Replacing the liftgate door is harder and more complicated than replacing only the cylinders. You would need a couple of friends and some knowledge of liftgates to pull off this job. Here's an overview of the process:

  1. Open the liftgate and then prop it open
  2. Remove the liftgate lift cylinders (refer to the tutorial above)
  3. Disconnect all the wires connecting the liftgate to the vehicle's electrical system
  4. Remove the hinge bolts at the top of the liftgate (The bolts connects the liftgate to the body of the vehicle, so be sure to have two friends holding the liftgate up at this point.)
  5. Remove the liftgate
  6. Install the new liftgate in the reverse order of removal

Do you have any questions about either Toyota Highlander liftgate replacement process? You're welcome to contact us!

Written by Jason Lancaster