Are OEM Toyota Filler Caps Better Than Aftermarket?

A Toyota filler cap is a simple non-moving part. All it does is cover an opening. For example, an oil filler cap covers the oil filler hole. It's the cap you remove when you refill your vehicle with motor oil.

So if you need a new filler cap, you may think that it's safe to use a cheaper aftermarket one. Even though filler caps are simple parts, it's still important to get a high quality one that fits right. OEM filler caps fit the bill. Aftermarket filler caps? Not so much.

We recommend OEM filler caps because:

1. OEM Filler Caps Always Come With The Right Dimensions

Oil filler cap fit

You need your filler caps to come with the right dimensions. This ensures that:

  • The cap will stay secure
  • The cap will have the right seal needed to sustain a vacuum. In other words, it won't leak.

OEM filler caps are exact replicas of the original filler caps on your Toyota. That means you won't have to worry about any fitment issues. For example, Toyota designed this fuel filler cap to fit certain 2013-2015 models.

It's common for aftermarket companies to follow their own specs instead of OE specs. This means an aftermarket filler cap likely won't fit your Toyota. This is true even for aftermarket filler caps that should be made only for your model. Many aftermarket filler caps are universal, too. The following issues are common with aftermarket filler caps:

  • Wrong thread size
  • Wrong seal size
  • Wrong cap size

Amazon has some reviews from Toyota owners who found out the hard way that aftermarket filler caps aren't reliable. We rounded up a few:

  • [My aftermarket filler cap] definitely does not fit a 2005 Corolla. I ended up removing the o-ring seal and using it on my existing cap."
  • "Well that was $20 down the drain! I ordered this [aftermarket filler] cap for my 2006 Toyota Corolla. The description said it would fit my 2006 Toyota Corolla so I bought it. We were in the middle of moving so I didn't get a chance to switch out the cap until today and it does not fit. The return window is closed, so now I'm stuck with a $20 gas cap that doesn't fit my car."

2. OEM Filler Caps Are Made With High Quality Materials

Filler cap quality

OEM filler caps last a long time. It's because Toyota builds its filler caps with high quality materials. OEM Toyota filler caps come with:

  • High quality rubber seals
  • High quality plastic that can withstand heat, moisture, and other elements

Quality isn't guaranteed with aftermarket filler caps. It's common for aftermarket manufacturers to use low quality materials to save money. So if you get an aftermarket filler cap, you would need to cross your fingers and hope that it lasts a while.

3. Aftermarket Filler Caps Can Make The Check Engine Light Come On

Check engine light

It's important for a filler cap to fit right. A poor-fitting filler cap can cause the check engine light to come on. For example, a fuel filler cap with a poor-fitting seal won't maintain a vacuum. The emissions control system monitors vacuum in the fuel tank. If there is no vacuum, or not as much as there should be, this can cause the check engine light to come on.

If you find yourself in this situation, you may spend hours and lots of money trying to figure out why the light is on. A frustrated Amazon reviewer named Natasha wrote:

"I got this [aftermarket] gas cap, and it did not fit my car. The product page had a way to check to see if the year, make and model of your car were compatible with the gas cap. I did that and it said it would fit my 2005 Toyota Corolla S. It did not, and it caused me to spend $90 to get my car completely checked for the check engine light. After all the diagnostics tests were run, the cause for the check engine light was a faulty gas cap. So then I had to pay 24 more dollars to get a new one."

4. Aftermarket Filler Caps Can Cause Your Toyota To Fail Emissions


Anyone who has had their car fail emissions knows how much of a hassle it is to figure out why it happened. Imagine spending hours and lots of money inspecting your engine and other parts, only to find out that the culprit is a faulty filler cap. You could've avoided this situation if you used an OEM filler cap made for your model.

An Amazon user wrote, "[My aftermarket fuel filler cap] never would suction. It wouldn't let me pass emissions."

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Written by Jason Lancaster