What Is An Oil Filler Cap?

Did you know that your Toyota has something called an oil filler cap? It's a small screw-on cap that's often made of plastic. It's one of several items that are part of changing the oil.

If you're looking for more information about oil filler caps, you came to the right place. We'll discuss:

  • Where you'll find the oil filler cap on your vehicle
  • Why your car needs an oil filler cap
  • Replacing your oil filler cap

Where Is The Oil Filler Cap In Your Car?

oil cap location

Image Credit: TheTrackAhead

If you open the hood, you'll find the oil filler cap on top of or near a valve cover. It's usually on the driver's side of the engine bay. The oil filler cap seals the oil fill opening, which is where you pour the motor oil. Some oil filler caps have "engine oil" or some variation written on them. In other words, the oil filler cap is the cap you remove when adding fresh oil to the engine.

Why Does Your Car Need An Oil Filler Cap?

The oil filler cap is a small but important part. It performs two critical roles:

  • It keeps dirt and debris from entering the oil fill hole.
  • When located on a valve cover, it keeps oil from splashing out of the oil fill hole.

If you're thinking about driving without an oil filler cap, please don't. Dust and debris will get into the engine and damage the parts within. If your Toyota doesn't have a functioning oil filler cap, get a new one ASAP.

Looking For A Replacement Oil Filler Cap?

Toyota oil filler cap

An oil filler cap is a simple part, but it may not last forever:

  • The o-ring seal in the cap may dry out and crack over time, resulting in oil seepage.
  • Sometimes the oil filler cap will crack or break.

Either way, a broken or worn oil filler cap leaves your engine vulnerable. If you're in any of these situations, it's best to replace the cap. Avoid "universal" oil filler caps. It's important that the cap seal well, so it's always a good idea to get an OEM replacement cap. OEM caps are basically the same price as a universal cap when you order online from us.

We offer OEM oil filler caps for all Toyota models. Look up your Toyota model here if you need an oil filler cap for your car!

Written by Jason Lancaster