Smartphone Apps And Online Tools For Your Toyota

Do you want to turn your smartphone and computer into the ultimate auto-care and maintenance tools? We have collected a list of the top smartphone applications, websites, and GPS units to help you:

  • Get roadsides assistance,
  • Track oil changes and routine maintenance,
  • Find the cheapest gas in town,
  • And much more.

We’ve also included some of the best tools out there to help you purchase and service Toyota vehicles. With our list of tools, you’ll always be prepared to handle your vehicle’s needs. Best of all, a lot of these tools are free or under $5.00. We’ve divided the tools into relevant categories based on your need, and all of them can help you keep track of your Toyota parts and accessories.

Smartphone Apps For Your Car

Toyota phone apps

There are tons of smartphone applications out there to help you take better care of your car. We’ve come up with a list of some of the best car apps for the iPhone as well as Android devices.

Fuel Apps

1. Find the lowest gas prices in town with Gas Buddy. This website and free mobile app let you search for the best gas prices by ZIP code or GPS Auto Locate. There is also a reward program and parking locator/booker. Get it on Google Play or Apple.

2. Waze may be a popular navigation tool, but it helps you find cheap gas stations, too. More about Waze below.

Maintenance Apps

3Fuelly is a free iOS app that lets you track fuel economy and set maintenance reminders. Get it on Apple.

4. Carfax Car Care gives you customized maintenance, inspections, recall, and safety recommendations for your specific model year. Tracks up to 8 vehicles. Get the free app on Apple or Google Play

5. My Car Vehicle Manager can track costs, services, and fuel efficiency as well as allow you to add reminders and photos. View vehicle stat and charts, too. Get the free app (premium versions available) on Apple or Google Play.

Performance Apps

6. Start, lock, and locate your car with your smartphone using the Viper SmartStart app. You’ll need to install Viper’s Smart Start Security hardware and purchase a subscription priced at $6.99/month. Get through Apple or Google Play.

7. The FIXD OBD2 Scanner is a free app, but the hardware sensor runs $59. With it, you can decode your engine's check-engine light. Get on Apple or Google Play.

8. GPS Speedometer and Odometer Tracker can take the place of your dashboard speedometer by tracking speed, distance, and trip time both online and offline. Get on Google Play

9. Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD is for all of you with lead feet. This free app will notify you when you exceed a pre-set limit as well as track average and current speeds. Free app available on Apple

Apps To Use For Car Accidents And Break Downs

10. Get roadside assistance with the AAA Roadside app. With this free app, you’ll never have to wait on the phone again for roadside assistance. You also get a list of AAA-approved repair shops and more. Get it on Apple or Google Play

11. Openroad: Help In A Car Crash is a free app that can detect when you've been in a crash. It can alert first responders and your loved ones. Find it on Apple.

Parking Apps

12. Gas Buddy, see #1 above.

13. ParkMobile helps you find available parking spaces, meters, and garages in bigger cities and allows you to pay right from your phone. Get the free app on Apple or Google Play.

14. Compare prices on spots and book spots in major cities from your phone. SpotHero is free and gets you discounts when you book in advance. Find on Apple and Google Play.

15. Inrix ParkMe is a free app that helps you find and reserve the closest and cheapest parking around. Get it on Apple or Google Play.

Alternative Transportation Apps

16Uber and Lyft, but you already knew about those two...

17. MOOVIT is a multi-purpose tool that helps you see all modes of transportation with one app. It's free and highly rated. Get it on Google Play or Apple.

18. Scooters! There are many escooter companies out there. The one you should choose will depend on your location. Check out Lime or Bolt to get an idea of how it works. 

Car Rental Apps

19. Rent unique cars starting at $18/day on Turo. The app is free. Get on Apple or Google Play.

20. Rent a car as needed with Zipcar. The app is and vehicle rental fees vary. You'll need to signup on the Zipcar website first. 

21. Nearly every rental car company has its own app. Just search for Hertz, Enterprise, Avis (and others like it), and you are on your way.

Car Safety Apps

22. OnMyWay will pay you if YOU don't text while driving. Google Play or Apple.

23. Safe 2 Save is another free app that pays you to put your phone away while driving to a nearby business. Apple or Google Play

24. Get True Motion on Google Play for a full picture of how your family drives. 

Apps For Road Trips

25. Keep track of all your travel plans with TripIt. This free app for the iPhone or Android allows you to organize your hotel reservations, rental car information, and driving directions. With TripIt, you’ll stay organized on those long road trips.

26. Roadtrippers helps you discover everything from hotels to quirky roadside attractions. Get it on Apple or Google Play.

Entertainment Apps

27. Listen to books while you drive your car with the Audible app for Apple and Android/Google phones. Monthly plans start at $7.95.

28. Spotify is a must if you care about playlists, podcasts, and staying entertained in traffic or long road trips. Free and premium plans available on Apple and Google.

29. Never miss a song title - or settle an argument with your copilot - with Shazam! It can identify the song and artist simply by listening in. Find it on Apple and Google.

GPS Tools For Your Car

Toyota GPS

It’s getting a lot easier to find your way around new places thanks to GPS. We’ve included a list of some of the best GPS units and GPS systems for your smartphone. With these tools and gadgets, you’ll never get lost again.

GPS Navigation For Smartphones

30. If you prefer trails to blacktop, this GPS app is perfect for you! Turn your phone into an invaluable off-road mapping tool, no cell service required with OnXOffroad. Find it on Apple or Google Play.

31. Get Google directions from your phone with Google Maps Navigation. This app is an internet-connected GPS navigation system with voice guidance. The app features street-view photos as well as search-by-voice capabilities.

32. See TripIt, #25 above.

GPS Navigation Units

If you’d prefer a separate GPS device to a smartphone app, consider these options:

33. The Garmin Drive 51. This great option includes lifetime maps, driver alerts for dangerous conditions, and special features to get you where you’re going. Retail price: $112.21.

34. TomTom Rider 550 Motorcycle GPS. If you’re going off on a motorcycle trip, don’t leave without this GPS made just for riders. Beyond regular navigation, enjoy specific guidance on hilly, windy roads - useful whether you’re looking to enjoy or avoid them. Retail price: $349.99.

Useful Websites

Auto websites

You may not always have your smartphone handy to get directions or check traffic reports. Below are some of the most popular and helpful online tools for your vehicle. We’ve included some tools you’re probably familiar with as well as some lesser-known websites.

Map And Directions Websites

35. Find local businesses, view maps, and get driving directions with Google Maps. One of the more popular mapping websites out there, Google Maps includes a variety of features including street-level views of buildings, satellite maps, and more.

Traffic Report Websites

36. Track live traffic conditions save your local routes, and watch our for construction delays with

37. Receive live traffic reports anywhere in the United States with WeGoHere. Get updates on weather, road conditions as well as construction zones with this website. You also can check your estimated drive time by entering your starting point and destination addresses.

38. Check road conditions with The Weather Channel’s Interstate Forecast Conditions. This website lets you see weather-related road conditions across the United States. The map includes details on traffic flow as well as road construction.

39. Google Maps will give you traffic reports, too. See #35 above.

Fuel Price Websites

40. Learn where to find the lowest gas price in town with GasBuddy. With this website, you can search for the cheapest gas price by city, state or by ZIP code. GasBuddy includes area maps as well as a timeline on gas prices throughout the year.

41. See average gas prices with AAA's website. With, you can see what's happening in the country and in your state.

The Best Toyota Websites And Tools

Toyota websites

Below are some of the best Toyota websites and tools to help you purchase and service a Toyota vehicle. These tools will help you find the Toyota that is right for you and keep your Toyota on the road once you buy it.

Shopping For A New Toyota

42. Check out photos of past and present Toyota models with the Toyota Nation Photo Gallery. This photo gallery includes an assortment of Toyota vehicle pictures along with comments to help you decide which vehicle is right for you.

43. Find rebates and incentives for Toyota vehicles at This website allows you to find the best deals out there on new Toyota vehicles. You can search by model and year.

Servicing Your Toyota

44. Get reward points toward parts and services with the Toyota Rewards Visa. With this credit card, you earn points that can go toward Toyota service parts and accessories. You can also use the points toward the purchase or lease of your next Toyota vehicle.

45. DecodeThis! can unlock the secrets of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). With this website, you can find out useful information about your vehicle. Information includes standard equipment and warranty information. All you need is your vehicle’s VIN.

46. Learn about important recall information from the Toyota Website. Toyota lists recent recalls along with information on Toyota safety features. The website also discusses what Toyota is doing to fix the problem.

Toyota Resources

Toyota app keeps you connected and informed about your vehicle. Owner's manual, dealer locator, service scheduling, roadside assistance, and more. For the Apple and Android.

47. Purchase Toyota technical publications at Toyota Technical Publications. This resource allows you to search for repair manuals, electrical wiring diagrams, and much more. It’s easy to search by model and year.

48. Prepare your teen for safe driving with, a partnership between Toyota and Discovery Education, that helps promote defensive driving behavior among the youngest drivers on the road.


When deciding which of these tools may be best for you, consider the following:

  • Your driving habits
  • Who is driving your vehicle
  • What type of smartphone you have
  • Your budget

Taking these things into consideration will help you decide which of the tools above are best for you. Remember to use these tools responsibly and always think about safety first.