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smartphoneGadgets sure have changed the driving experience. These three hand-held gadgets are a must for your vehicle.

1). Smartphone

Your smartphone is perhaps the most important gadget you can bring in your car. There are tons of apps that can help you save on gas, maintenance and even find the right parking space. To find the perfect apps for your smartphone, read:

It’s very easy to download apps. All you need to do is visit your smartphone’s app store.


2). Navigation Systems

Navigation systems have made it a breeze to find your way around any town. Garmin, Magellan and TomTom are all excellent portable GPS options. When purchasing a GPS, you’ll want to be sure to look at:

  • Features – Some include MP3 players, Bluetooth hands-free connectivity and FM transmitters.
  • Size & Mounts – Screen sizes will vary. Also there will be different mounting options. Find the best one for your vehicle.
  • Batteries – See what type of batteries it requires. Some come with rechargeable features.

You also may have the option of having one installed into your Toyota by the dealer. Check with your Toyota parts dealer to find the best option.


3). Tablet Computers

The iPad and other tablet computers are a great item for your vehicle, especially on long road trips. Tablet computers with cellular connectivity give you access to interactive maps and other great features. To find out more about iPad apps, read iPad Apps For Your Car.

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Written by Tom Blackman