Is The Toyota Smartphone Car The Future?

white toyota

Toyota recently showcased a pretty cool concept car that acts like a smartphone. 

Toyota showed off the Fun-Vii, which stands for “vehicle interactive internet,” at the Tokyo auto show. The sleek concept car has a smartphone-like surface that allows the driver to change the exterior color of the vehicle.

As you can see, the vehicle’s exterior is essentially an external display that can be adjusted. Because it seems a lot like a smartphone, people are dubbing the Fun-Vii the “smartphone car.”

There’s no guarantee this car will ever see a Toyota dealership near you. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t see some of the Fun-Vii’s technology in future Toyota vehicles. Maybe a few of these technologies will trickle down into future generations of the Camry.

  • Color changing exterior – Having an external monitor as the exterior of your vehicle would probably be costly. Could you imagine if you got a dent in your car? Probably won’t happen any time soon.
  • Virtual apps – This might be closer than you think. Toyota already features apps in its vehicles. It’s quite possible we could see this down the road.
  • Wireless charging – This all depends on if electric vehicles are the future. It remains to be seen if electric vehicles will become more common.
  • Auto-driving – Recently, California passed a law making self-driving cars legal. There are already some concepts that use radar and GPS tracking to drive. We might see this.