Toyota Liftgate Buyer's Guide

Welcome to the ultimate guide to liftgates for Toyota owners! If you’re a Toyota owner who’s looking for more information about liftgates and related components, this is the guide you need. We put together many resources on Toyota liftgates. Here’s a comprehensive round-up of all our posts about Toyota liftgates:

What Is A Liftgate?

highlander liftgate

You would find a liftgate on all Toyota:

  • SUVs
  • Crossovers
  • Hatchback sedans

A liftgate is a large door covering the rear of the vehicle. It lifts up, hence its name. This post offers a thorough explanation of what a liftgate is and why it’s important.

There are several different types of liftgates:

  • Manual liftgates
  • Power liftgates
  • Hands-free liftgates

Let’s go over the main differences between these types of liftgates:

Toyota Power Liftgates Vs. Manual Liftgates

Are you trying to decide between getting a manual liftgate or a power liftgate? This comparison guide may help you reach the best decision for yourself. The main difference between both types of liftgates is the fact that a motor opens and closes a power liftgate. With a manual liftgate, you need to open and close it with your hands. The guide will help you decide which option is better for you.

Toyota Power Liftgates Vs. Hands-Free Liftgates

It can be a little tricky to recognize the differences between a power liftgate and a hands-free liftgate. Both liftgates have a motorized design, but a hands-free liftgate has one big feature that a power liftgate doesn't have. You can open a hands-free liftgate by waving your foot under the rear bumper. This is especially useful if your hands are full.

To read more about what differentiates a hands-free liftgate from a power liftgate, read this guide.

How To Diagnose Liftgate Problems

If a liftgate fails, it can be a pretty big deal. You’d run into safety and security issues. So if you find that your liftgate isn’t working as it should, you want to pinpoint the issue ASAP. This diagnostic guide will help you figure out what’s wrong with your liftgate. It’ll show you how to troubleshoot the following common liftgate issues:

  • Weak lift cylinders
  • Malfunctioning power hatch
  • Broken latch
  • Broken handle
  • Weak battery

How To Replace Liftgate Lift Cylinders

Do you have worn out liftgate lift cylinders? You don’t need to bring your Toyota to a shop. You can easily replace the cylinders at home. It only takes 10 minutes, and you don’t need any fancy tools. This tutorial will walk you through the process.

How To Replace A Liftgate Or Lift Cylinders On A Highlander

Attention, all Highlander owners with a malfunctioning liftgate! We put together a tutorial on replacing the following liftgate parts on a Highlander:

  • Liftgate lift cylinders
  • Liftgate door

Selecting Replacement Liftgate Parts: OEM Or Aftermarket?

Are you looking for a replacement liftgate and/or related parts? You may need to decide between OEM and aftermarket parts. This guide will help you reach an educated decision. To sum it up, OEM parts are a much better investment than aftermarket parts because:

  • OEM liftgates and related parts have the original design. Fitment will never be an issue with OEM parts and aftermarket parts rarely come with the right dimensions. It’s common for aftermarket parts to not fit right.
  • Toyota uses high quality materials to build its liftgates and related parts - this ensures longevity. It’s common for aftermarket parts to be built with low quality components, and that’s a big reason why aftermarket parts are cheap.
  • OEM liftgate cylinders are more durable.
  • OEM liftgates and related parts cost less than aftermarket ones in the long run.

Do you have any liftgate-related questions that weren’t answered in this post? We’ll be happy to answer them if you contact us!

Written by Jason Lancaster