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Would You Buy A Sporty Prius?

The Toyota Prius is a car that’s pretty much an ambassador for all things hybrid. It’s the model that started it all, and continues to raise the bar in hybrid[…]

Are V8 Hybrids The Future of Automotive Performance?

No, don’t imagine a V8 stuffed into a Prius, think bigger, better. Somewhere between the LaFerrari and the new Acura NSX, that’s where the future of automotive performance is going.[…]

How to Tell if Your O2 Sensor is Bad and How to Fix It

Virtually every Toyota made since the 1980s has sensors that measure the amount of oxygen in the exhaust, then transmit that signal back to the ECM so it can determine[…]

Vehicle Feature: (Almost) Original 1986 Toyota FJ60

It’s rare to see any vehicle that hasn’t changed owners a few times, especially one older than 20 years — but this owner has been as loyal to her FJ60[…]

Are OEM Spark Plugs Worth It?

Spark plugs aren’t made to last forever. When they eventually need replacement, the options are: Buy whatever the local auto parts store has Buy a genuine OEM replacement Should you[…]

The Coolest WRC Toyotas Ever

Beginning in 2017, Toyota will return to the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) after a somewhat long hiatus. Toyota has a very long and well distinguished history in motorsports, especially[…]

How Much Do Toyota Brake Pads Cost?

Brake pads are an important aspect of vehicle maintenance, as they are responsible for a critical safety feature- stopping the car. Brakes pads create friction and transform the motion into[…]

When Should I Replace The Timing Belt On My Toyota?

Timing belts are a necessary component that allows the car to function properly- effectively getting passengers from point A to point B.

How Long Do Toyota Brake Pads Last?

The humble brake pad gives its life to save yours. Day in and day out, commuting, road trips, and even short drives to the park take their toll on your[…]

Pet Accessories Now Available on Our Site!

Your pet is a major part of your life and a member of the family. Why wouldn’t you accessorize your vehicle to make you and your pet’s life more enjoyable?[…]

How Long Does A Toyota Battery Last?

When was the last time you thought about your vehicle battery? Odds are pretty good, it’s been a while. The battery is just one of those parts no one thinks[…]

10 Crazy Prius Mods

Your Prius was a smart buy! It gets great mileage, it’s reliable, and there’s sort of a fun novelty to it. It’s great as is, but if you’re kind of[…]

Tacoma Wheel Bearing Noise? Tips to Diagnose and Repair

Wheel bearings support the vehicle weight and allow the wheels to spin with limited friction. Here’s everything you need to know about diagnosing Tacoma wheel bearing issues and how to[…]

Things You Might Not Know About Your Toyota Supra

    The Toyota Supra is an icon, a legend, a street king. If you drive one, you’re envied by many of the other drivers who share the road with[…]

2014 Toyota Tundra SR5 is a Show Stopper

One of the 2014 SEMA Tundra concepts made its way to the market for new ownership. With only 2,500 miles, this build is practically brand new and the original owner[…]

How To: Replace a Fuel Injector in Your Toyota Tundra

The fuel injection system in your Tundra consists of a pump, nozzles, and valves. When the fuel is delivered to the injector, it sprays a mist of fuel that is[…]

Toyota 4Runner Heater Not Working? Troubleshooting Guide to Help You Fix the Issue

When its cold outside, you need the heater to work in your Toyota 4Runner. If it’s not working, you want to find a solution as quickly as possible. There are[…]

Toyota Maintenance – Inevitable Repairs Every Car Owner Will Eventually Have to Make

As long as you maintain your vehicle according to the factory maintenance schedule, you can expect much of your vehicle to function trouble free for a decade or two. However, despite Toyota’s[…]

Toyota Repair: 10 Diagnosis You Don’t Want to Hear from Your Mechanic

When your mechanic has your Toyota in their shop, it can be nerve wracking. What’s the price going to be? How long will it be there? Are you going to[…]

How To Figure Out Why Your Toyota is Overheating

The temperature of your Toyota’s engine should be nice and consistent when you’re driving, ideally half-way between “H” and “C”. While the engine can run a little hotter or cooler depending[…]

1980 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45: A Pickup with a Story to Tell

With just over 64k original miles on the clock, this well-kept FJ45 recently popped up on our radar from an eBay auction. This Land Cruiser has a unique past, like[…]

Toyota Won’t Start? Troubleshooting Tips to Get You Back on the Road

When you turn the key to your Toyota, you expect it to start. That is one of those little things in life that is taken for granted. A vehicle that[…]

Why Spark Plug Wires Are Important

Spark plug wires are the short cables that connect your car’s spark plugs to the distributor. Some vehicles have “on plug” coils, in which case the wires connect to this[…]

DTC Decoded: P1251

Code Description: Turbocharger Engine Boost Condition – Limit Exceeded Symptoms: Check Engine Light Illuminates on Dash and Code is Stored in ECM Bank Causes: Turbo Solenoid Valve

Toyota Lock Cable Replacement – 64680-0C010

The lift gate on your 2007 Toyota Sienna is a great feature since it allows you easy access to your cargo area. This makes it easy to take groceries or[…]

The Roughest Featured Toy(ota) Truck Ever

You’ll need to look twice at this truck to tell that it’s not actually a real truck at all, but instead a super detailed replica of a damaged Toyota truck.

How to Change a Prius Smart Key Battery

Considering that a replacement smart key for a Prius can cost anywhere up to, and over $100, we’re going to show you a step-by-step guide on how to change the[…]

Toyota Tool Quiz

Do you rule the toolbox? Are you the go-to gear head for all of your friends and family? Let’s see how well you know the tools you are working with,[…]

Camper Conversion for a Prius? Oh Yeah, It’s Happening!

Ready to turn your Toyota Prius into a funky home on wheels? Well, even if you aren’t, you still can. With a cool little camper conversion, you can take the[…]

Toyota DTC Decoded: P1135

Diagnostic Code: P1135 Make: Toyota Decode: Malfunction Bank 1 Sensor 1 Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor Heater Circuit Code Detection: When the ECM detects that there is a heated oxygen sensor heater[…]

Best Way to Accessorize Your Toyota for Winter

With winter fast approaching, it’s worth giving some serious thought to getting your Toyota prepared for the upcoming difficult conditions. We’re going to list some of the best products that[…]

History of the Toyota Camry in the United States

For the last seventeen years, except the year 2001, Toyota Camry has been the best-selling sedan in the United States. Interestingly, Toyota Camry is also the most-expensive best-selling sedan in[…]

Toyota Mud Guard Replacement – 76622-04102

The Toyota Tacoma is a great all round truck for both work and play. The mudguards on it are made to keep the paint safe from debris like rocks or[…]

Toyota Rear Door Handle Replacement – 69090-0C080

The liftgate on your Toyota Sequoia is a great feature. It allows you to get in and out easily, and it gives you straightforward access to cargo in the hold.[…]

Toyota Water Valve Inverter Replacement – 16670-21010

Your Prius should run cool, and in order to do that, you need cool fluids circulating within the engine. If the fluids are not circulating as they should, you may[…]

Toyota Antenna Mast Replacement – 86309-0C020

If you need to replace the antenna mast on your Toyota Sienna or FJ Cruiser, it is not a hard fix. Antennas can get bent or damaged in car washes,[…]

Toyota Water Pump Replacement – 16100-59275-83

The water pump works in conjunction with your radiator to keep your 2009 Toyota 4Runner running cool. When there is a problem with the water pump, the coolant does not[…]

10 Battery Electric Car Questions For GreenCarReports

A few weeks back, GreenCarReports’s John Voelcker put together a list of 10 questions for Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai about their fuel cell vehicle (FCV) programs. While John was undoubtedly trying to[…]

Toyota Mud Guard Clip Replacement – 90467-07188

The mudguards on your Toyota Tacoma keep mud from flying out behind your truck into other vehicles or people. They also deflect water and gravel. Mudguards also protect the underside[…]

HAC and DAC Explained

HAC and DAC Explained These two features are starting to become more commonplace in new Toyota’s these days. If you’re unfamiliar with the acronyms let me explain. HAC, or Hill-Start[…]

Toyota Jumps on the Aluminum Bandwagon – Why?

Toyota has recently announced their intention to begin using aluminum for various body panels, with the Lexus RX getting an aluminum liftgate in 2016, the Toyota Camry getting an aluminum[…]

Toyota Timing Belt Replacement – 13568-09080

A timing belt is operated by the camshaft, and it is a gear belt that opens and closes the cylinder head valves. It is part of your maintenance schedule. The[…]

Driving a Prius: A Brief Tutorial

Are you getting ready to go test drive a Prius? Does your buddy want to borrow yours for a long trip to skimp on gas? This brief tutorial will get[…]

Toyota Gasket Replacement – 90430-12028

Your Toyota needs oil in order to function properly. The oil lubricates all the moving parts of the engine, which need to be maintained in order to operate both smoothly[…]

C-HR Concept: A High-Riding Hybrid by Toyota

Earlier this month, Toyota debuted their new C-HR Concept at the Paris Motor Show. While it’s never really known if a concept is an insight into a production vehicle or[…]

Toyota’s Immersion into Vehicle Safety

Recently, Toyota announced a new “Integrated Safety Management Concept” that signposts the future of safety at Toyota. Essentially, many Toyota vehicles will offer many or all of the systems outlined[…]

If You Were a Toyota, Which Model Would You Be?

In the market for a new Toyota, but not sure which model would be the best representation of you? When it comes to changing the world, you walk the walk,[…]

Wacky Toyota City Car in the Works

Toyota has once again teased us with a concept that we can all hope makes it into production. The new U2 concept vehicle gets its name from Urban Utility but[…]

How to Replace a Toyota Camry Fuel Pump

Without fuel, your Toyota Camry cannot run, and the fuel pump is instrumental in delivering fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. This part can wear out over time,[…]

Toyota Lower Grille Clip Replacement – 52161-02020

The lower grille helps protect the front end on your 2014 Toyota Avalon from damage. It creates a buffer between the front of your vehicle and the road. The front[…]