Toyota Headlight Buyer's Guide

Got a malfunctioning headlight on your Toyota? The good news is that you can skip the shop and replace it yourself. All the information you need about addressing a bad headlight is in this buyer’s guide.

The Most Common Toyota Headlight Problems

OEM headlights

Are you unable to pinpoint the reason your headlight failed? This list of the most common Toyota headlight problems may help. To sum it up, the most common headlight problems in Toyotas are:

  1. Burnt out bulbs and melted wiring
  2. Cracked headlight lens
  3. Wear caused by vibration and/or extreme temperatures
  4. Contamination from dust and/or water

The guide will help you figure out if one of these problems caused your headlight to go bad.

Are OEM Toyota Headlights Better Than Aftermarket?

Are you wondering if an aftermarket replacement headlight is worth the investment? If you ask us, the answer is no. Even though aftermarket headlights are cheap upfront, they’ll likely fail early on due to:

  • Low quality materials
  • Poor fitment

This OEM vs. aftermarket comparison guide does a great job exploring both options. It’s obvious that OEM replacement headlights are the much better and safer choice.

How To Replace A Toyota Headlight

It’s always a good idea to replace your headlight as soon as possible. Before bringing your Toyota to the shop, you can explore the possibility of changing the headlight yourself. It’s a somewhat straightforward job with the right tools and a good tutorial.

You can find a model-specific headlight replacement tutorial. We put together this tutorial for Toyota Camry models.

We hope that this buyer’s guide has helped you gain a better understanding of Toyota headlights. If you still have questions about replacing your broken headlight, you’re welcome to contact us.