Return Of The Toyota Supra - 5th Generation

When US Toyota dealers stopped selling the Toyota Supra in 1999, fans everywhere mourned the loss of the iconic sports car. Originally a longer and wider Toyota Celica, the Supra quickly gained a style of its own. It became so popular that it accumulated a wide fan base. It was even featured in various video games, movies, TV shows, and even music videos.

For years, there were rumors flying around that Toyota would reintroduce this once great car to American consumers. For example, Toyota introduced a concept car called the Toyota FT-HS at the 2007 North American International Auto Show. Many people speculated that it would be the latest incarnation of the Supra brand.

In 2018, the rumors were finally put to rest. It was announced that Toyota teamed up with BMW to bring back the Supra. For a while, Supra enthusiasts speculated about the new model. They even wondered how the new Supra would stack up against the Corvette. In 2019, spy shots of the new Supra came out. Many people expected the new Supra to share the BMW' Z5s platform, and they turned out to be correct. The Supra's body and features looked more different from the Z5 than they expected, though.

Toyota finally rolled out the all new Supra in January 2020.

About The 2020 Supra

The 2020 Supra has an MSRP of $49,990. There are two different trim levels:

  1. 3.0 grade: 6.5" display with Bluetooth and iPod capability and Alcantara seats
  2. 3.0 Premium grade: 8.8" touchscreen display and heated, leather-trimmed seats

Both grades are powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine. The engine produces a whole lot of power:

  • 335 horsepower
  • 365 lb-ft of torque

Both trims also provide:

  • An 8-speed automatic transmission
  • Adaptive suspension
  • Rear differential
  • Launch control
  • World-class safety features (forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, automatic high beams, etc.)

The Supra Launch Edition

Image Credit: William Walker/Motor Trend

There's a special edition of the new Supra, and it's called the Supra Launch Edition. It was limited to the first 1,500 units of the 2020 Supra. It has an MSRP of $55,250.

Each Supra Launch Edition car has its own unique number. All Supra Launch Edition have exclusive features, such as:

  • A variety of high-end exterior colors including Absolute Zero White, Nocturnal Black, and Renaissance Red 2.0
  • High-contrast red mirror caps
  • 19" forged matte black alloy wheels
  • Racing-inspired seats wrapped in red leather (Absolute Zero White and Nocturnal Black cars only)
  • Red leather steering wheel grips (Absolute Zero White and Nocturnal Black cars only)
  • Black leather-trimmed interior (Renaissance Red 2.0 cars only)
  • Black steering wheel and center console (Renaissance Red 2.0 cars only)

The best feature? Each Supra Launch Edition car comes with a graphic of Toyota Motor Corporation President and Master Driver Akio Toyoda’s signature. These cars will definitely become collectibles in 25 years or so.