Can You Add A Grille To A Tundra With A Sensor?

A common concern many Toyota Tundra owners have about replacing their grilles is whether their new grille will work with the sensor(s) on their truck. If you have a Tundra, you may be worried about your new grille interfering with the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) sensor. The TSS system is vital to your Tundra’s safety, just like properly working headlights. (If you happen to need headlight to go with your new grille, you can learn more about headlight replacement here.)

What Is The TSS Sensor?

Toyota tss sensor

Image Credit: TacomaWorld

On most modern Toyotas, you'll find the TSS sensor mounted right behind the middle of the grille. It's a sensor that helps keep you and your passengers safe. In short, the TSS sensor is another pair of eyes for drivers on the road. It ensures Toyota’s driver assist systems are working properly and keeping everyone safe, inside and outside the truck. The TSS sensor comes standard on many newer Toyota models, including the Tundra.

The TSS sensor may look like an ordinary sensor, but it does a lot to keep your truck safe. On the Tundra, this sensor:

  • Detects pedestrians and other vehicles and then provides both audio and visual alerts. If you don’t react, the system brakes automatically to avoid hitting these obstacles.
  • Detects the vehicle ahead of you to maintain an ideal vehicle-to-vehicle distance when you’re using cruise control.
  • Detects white and yellow lane markings and issues an audio and visual warning if you inadvertently depart your lane.
  • Detects the headlights and taillights of other vehicles. It then automatically toggles between high and low beams, if you have your high beams on. This prevents your high beams from blinding other drivers.
  • Uses a Road Sign Assist (RSA) system to detect speed limit signs and display them on your dashboard.

The TSS system in your Toyota is a vital safety feature. Every Toyota Parts Center Grille is OEM certified and ensures that the TSS system and sensor can read the road ahead and behind you with OEM fitment and manufacturer backed certainty.

OEM TRD Pro Grilles Accommodate Lights and Sensors

Image Credit: RobMotive

If you have a non-TRD Tundra with TSS, the safest way to upgrade your grille is to get an OEM TRD Pro grille. This grille ensures all the sensors, fog lights, safety systems and other features will work as Toyota intended. They fit perfectly, and installation is really easy. If you want to learn more about changing your Toyota Tundra Grille, look here.