FJ Cruiser OEM Parts List And Owner's Guide

The Toyota FJ Cruiser is a mid-sized SUV that offers great performance, retro styling, and lasting durability. The FJ Cruiser's rugged design and off-road focus means that it can handle most any driving situation with ease. If you already own an FJ Cruiser, we have just the guide for you. This guide is packed with information about maintaining and keeping your FJ Cruiser in tip-top shape.

Why The Toyota FJ Cruiser Is A Great Investment

Toyota fj cruiser

Before we get into maintenance tips, we wanted to talk about why the FJ Cruiser is a good investment. The Toyota brand is well-known for their reliability and durability. You can learn more about the FJ Cruiser’s Total Quality Award in this article here. This award is decided by new-vehicle owners and combines Consumer Report and J.D. Power’s studies. The FJ Cruiser scored best in its respective category.

How To Change the Oil In Your Toyota FJ Cruiser

One of the best ways to maintain your Toyota is to regularly change your oil to ensure cool engine running temperatures and proper lubrication of rotating parts. Like many cars, the process for changing your oil is fairly easy, if you know what steps to take. You can learn more about changing your FJ Cruiser’s oil in this blog post.

How To Change Your FJ's Front Brake Pads

Like many aspects of your car, brake pads only last so long. For many vehicles brake pads can last between 20,000 and 30,000 miles. In this blog, you can learn more about changing the brake pads on your Toyota FJ Cruiser and how long you might expect the new pads to last.

Changing The Air Filters In Your Toyota FJ

Aside from a properly lubricated engine, the most important part of a properly running engine is ensuring consistent and clean airflow. Over time, improper air flow can cause running issues. You can learn about changing filters in your Toyota Fj Cruiser in this post. Typically manufactures recommend replacing both the cabin filter and engine air filter at the same time to ensure your engine, and your passengers are getting clean airflow.

How To Change Your FJ Cruiser's Headlight Bulbs

When your car isn’t providing proper lighting, it can be dangerous for everyone on the road. Thankfully changing out the bulbs isn’t too tough. Ensuring proper lighting in your Toyota is fairly easy. Our team came up with this guide to help you change the bulbs in your Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Changing The Spark Plugs In Your FJ Cruiser

Earlier in this guide we highlighted the importance of airflow and proper lubrication for your Toyota FJ Cruiser’s engine. The third element to ensuring proper engine running is to ensure your Toyota has consistent spark. You can learn about changing the spark plugs in your Toyota with this guide. Ensuring proper air, spark and lubrication ensures your car will be running at its best.

How To Repair The Power Locking Doors In Your FJ

In this guide we highlighted many things to make sure your Toyota’s Engine is running its best. In this post we highlight how to repair Power locking doors. If your Toyota FJ Cruisers doors aren’t properly working or you’re having issues with just one door, you can find more info there.