This Is The List Of Lifted Toyotas You Need To See

Lifting a truck is a popular upgrade. They look cool, and they improve your driving experience in so many different ways. Toyota are among the best vehicles to lift. Plenty of 4Runners, Tacomas, and other Toyota trucks and SUVs turn into off road beasts once they're lifted.

Whether you're thinking about lifting your Toyota or you just like to check out lifted Toyotas, you came to the right place. We rounded up some of the best lifted Toyotas we've ever seen.

The Benefits Of Lifting A Vehicle

Lifting your truck or SUV doesn’t only give your vehicle a custom look. It also brings many more benefits, including:

  • Higher ground clearance, making it easier to drive over obstacles (railroad tracks, driveways, rocky terrain, etc.)
  • Improved traction due to having bigger wheels and tires
  • Ability to fit bigger tires
  • More visibility on the road

All The Different Ways To Lift A Vehicle

There are many different ways to lift a vehicle. Your choices will depend on the suspension you are starting with. Here are a few popular ways to do it:

  • Spacer lifts
  • Body lifts
  • Lift kits
  • Air suspensions
  • Torsion bars

Need some inspiration? Check out these amazing lifted Toyotas:

1. First Gen 4Runner

Lifted 1st generation 4runner

First generation 4Runners (built between 1984 and 1989) are just begging to be lifted. Look at this one. Doesn't it look right at home, covered in mud and smack dab in the middle of rocky terrain? You would have a hard time getting a non-lifted 4Runner up there. Want to see more lifted first gen 4Runners? Head on over to this post: 7 Lifted First Gen 4Runners We Wish Were Ours.

2. Third Gen 4Runner

Lifted 3rd generation 4runner

This lifted third generation 4Runner was featured in this list: 10 Lifted Toyota 4Runners. This off-road beast has everything, including:

  • A steel bumper
  • General Grabber tires
  • Roof rack
  • A snorkel

With all those amazing add-ons and the lift, there's nothing this 4Runner can't do.

3. Sequoia With A 12" Lift

Lifted Sequoia

This upgrade was quite bold, but it works. We love the way this looks. It may not conquer the off-road trail as well as the other Sequoias listed in this post: 10 Awesome Lifted Sequoias. Yet, we'd totally drive it.

4. Tall Tundra

Lifted Tundra

Sometimes you don't need to install a lift kit or upgrade your suspension system. Sometimes you can just upgrade to bigger wheels and tires. This Tundra got a little more height just because it got bigger wheels. If you own a Tundra and you're looking for more height than "just a little", this guide is for you: Toyota Tundra Tire Sizes Guide. It will help you determine the right tire size for your lifted truck.