7 Lifted First Gen 4Runners We Wish Were Ours

Sometimes, the original is just better.

Star Trek, Coca-Cola (nothing against New Coke), Ghostbusters...

And we're adding the Toyota 4Runner to that list. Manufactured from 1984-1989, the first generation of Toyota's iconic SUV was nothing more than a pickup with a fiberglass shell. However, its durability and off-road capabilities have become legendary through the years, leading to its popularity in the aftermarket world. Check out these customized rock-crawlin' 4Runners we'd take on the road any day:


lifted 4runner

The song "Lifted Up (1985)" by rock band Passion Pit is a strangely appropriate title for this 1985 Lifted 4Runner.


Black shine 4runner

It doesn't get any slicker than a first-gen 4Runner's hardtop - especially one in this good of shape.


Tree stump 4runner

We use the term "rock crawler" loosely - tree stumps totally count.


Hitch rock 4runner

They say Alfred Hitchcock was the master of suspense. We're naming this 4Runner All-Tread Hitch-Rock because it's the master of suspension.


4runner red ragtop

This first-gen 4Runner is buffed up and ready for both a Sunday cruise or a bumpy ride on an off-road trail that's really not a trail.


Ladder 4runner

Our favorite 4Runners are the ones that you might need a ladder to get into. This one qualifies!


Blk mud 4runner

Whatever view they have, ours is ten times better.

Do you have a sweet first-gen 4Runner rock crawler? Show it off on Facebook! And if you're shopping for 4Runner parts, start here.