Switching to Synthetic 0-20 Oil - Why it Matters

Synthetic oil is widely used in modern cars. However, the decision to switch is not always an easy one. Many people are still uncertain about it and question whether or not it's worth the extra money. If you ask us, it's absolutely worth the extra money.

In fact, Toyota decided that using synthetic oil was the best course of action after reviewing the pros and cons. You should too, here’s why.

Why Toyota Switched To Synthetic Oil

Toyota synthetic oil

Toyota made the switch to fully synthetic oil in most of its cars in the early 2010s. Back then, 0-20 oil was the go-to synthetic oil to use. Toyota made the switch for many good reasons:

  • Synthetic oil doesn’t produce as much sludge.
  • Synthetic oil can increase fuel mileage (almost 1mpg) on the highway and city (depending on driver and conditions).
  • Synthetic oil fits the tighter EPA standards for oil.
  • Synthetic oil has a longer lifespan than conventional oil, which means less frequent oil changes.
  • Synthetic oil can withstand lower temperatures and harsher driving conditions.

Most importantly, synthetic oil extends your engine's lifespan. Combined with Toyota oil filters, your car will run the best of its abilities. You can increase the life of your car with this simple switch. In the long run, synthetic is a superior choice over conventional oil.

The next time you get your oil changed, pay a couple dollars more and expand the life of your car. 

0-16w Oil Is Now On The Market

0-20 synthetic oil is superior to conventional oil. Yet, there's still room for improvement. That's why Toyota began testing 0-16w oil in the mid 2010s. 0-16w oil is better than 0-20 oil for several reasons:

  • 0-16w oil is thinner than 0-20, which means better viscosity.
  • 0-16w oil is better at resisting viscosity breakdown, which means better quality oil.
  • 0-16w oil can stand up to higher temperatures without breaking down.
  • With 0-16w oil in your engine, you'll have an easier time starting it up in cold weather.
  • You'll see better fuel economy with 0-16w oil in your engine.

Toyota is a leader in making durable, high-quality cars. If you care about your car's lifespan and efficiency, switch to synthetic oil today!

Written by Tom Blackman