Switching to Synthetic 0-20 Oil - Why it Matters

The motor oil 0-20 is a fully synthetic oil being used in almost all Toyota vehicles. After looking at the pros and cons, Toyota has decided that using synthetic oil is the best course of action. You should too, here’s why.

oil_change_02409Toyota made the switch because 0-20 oil has cleaner emissions and doesn’t produce sludge. It can also increase fuel mileage (almost 1mpg) on the highway and city (depending on driver and conditions). This oil also fits the tighter EPA standards for oil.

So why pay a little more for a pure, synthetic oil? It protects the expensive parts of your car the best without the yucky sludge mess you get with regular oil. Combined with Toyota oil filters, your car will run the best of its abilities. You can increase the life of your car with this simple switch.

Also, synthetic oil has a longer lifespan than conventional oil. And it can withstand lower temperatures and harsher driving conditions. In the long run, synthetic is a superior choice over conventional oil.

The next time you get your oil changed, pay a couple dollars more and expand the life of your car. If you don’t it could eventually ruin your car with waxy deposits.

Written by Tom Blackman