Camry And Avalon 1997-1999 Front End Thumping Noise - Toyota Parts Blog

Do you own a 1997-1999 Toyota Camry or Toyota Avalon and wonder what that noise is coming from the front suspension?

Kansas City Toyota Dealerships everywhere have been asking themselves the same question for years to try and figure out the problem and its solution. They have changed several different parts on these vehicles to see if it would help, including suspension struts and other notable Toyota parts.

Finally in January of 2000, Toyota came out with a new set of strut mounts that corrected the problem.  These mounts have a much thicker rubber bushing that eliminates the thumping and corrects the problem.

Here is a list of the genuine Toyota parts numbers:  48603-33021 and 48609-33011.

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Written by Tom Blackman