A Closer Look at the New Prius c - Toyota Parts Blog

This month, Toyota is expected to roll out the new Prius c. The “c” stands for city. You can see the new Prius model in the video below.

So what can you expect? Here are some things to know about the Prius c.

  • Low Price – The Prius c will be at a lower Price than other similar models. It is expected that Toyota will list the Prius c at $18,950.
  • It’s Small – It’s more of a compact car than the other Prius models. It’s about the size of a Toyota Yaris.
  • Young People will Like It – Toyota is aiming this new Prius at younger people who are looking for value. It could also be a great second car for a small family.
  • Great Gas Mileage – Like all of the other Prius models, the c will get great gas mileage. It’s expected to get a combined fuel economy of approximately 50 miles per gallon.
  • Lots of Features – The Prius c will feature nine airbags as well as the popular Entune system, which links navigation, radio and entertainment all in one place.
  • Expect High Demand – The car has been selling in Japan for several months now, and it’s very popular.

You can learn more about the Prius c by visiting the Toyota website.

What do you think of the Prius c? Would you buy one? Leave your comments below.

Written by Tom Blackman