Why The Honda Insight Is A Sorry Imitation Of The Prius

toyota vs honda emblems

To the untrained eye, the Honda Insight looks similar to the Prius. However, they are two totally different automobiles.

Here’s why you shouldn’t waste your money on the Honda Insight. 

The Insight Can’t Match The Power Of The Prius

Sure we’re talking about hybrid cars, not muscle cars. But when you look at the available horsepower, the Prius has the Insight beat. The Prius Third Generation has a 98 horsepower 1.8-liter gas hybrid engine. By comparison, the Insight has an 88 horsepower, 1.3-liter gas hybrid engine.

The Insight’s Fuel Economy Is Less Than The Prius

You’re going to save more on gas with the Third Generation Prius. The Toyota Prius gets 51 mpg in city driving. The Insight only gets 40 mpg. When it comes to highway driving, the Prius gets 48 mpg. The Insight gets 43. That’s a significant difference.

The Insight Has A Lower Consumer Rating

TheCarConnection.com and others give the Prius better ratings.

But The Insight Has A Lower Price! 

Yes, some will argue that the Insight is priced lower than the Prius and uses some different engine technology. However, you’re sacrificing quality for the sake of price when you go with the Insight. You get less fuel economy and power with the Insight. It’s better to go with the more dependable Toyota Prius.

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