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Toyota Tundra Top Aftermarket Products and Accessories

The Toyota Tundra is a beast of a pickup, yet it really is a blank palate waiting for your customization. What are the top aftermarket products you should look at?[…]

Toyota Tacoma Overhead Temperature and Compass Repair

Is your Toyota Tacoma not showing the temperature or compass anymore? It is actually pretty easy to fix this,if you have soldering experience. Here is a handy guide.

What Is OW-20 Oil? – Best Oil for Toyota Vehicles

With a lot of motor oils on the market, it is more difficult to figure out the right vehicle for your car. Oil types like OW-20 are now becoming a[…]

Toyota Sequoia Maintenace – Headlight Bulb/Assembly Replacement

Are your headlights working properly on your Toyota Sequoia? Is one out or do you need a new headlight assembly? Here is a handy guide on how you do it.

Toyota Camry Maintenance – Shock and Strut Replacement

The Toyota Camry is one of the most reliable sedans in the world. Yet, it needs regular maintenance like any other vehicle. Here is guide on how to replace the[…]

Off-Road Tire Options Bias Ply or Radial – Which One to Buy

Off-roading presents a new set of challenges for any vehicle and its equipment. There are many choices in gear including tires. Here is our take on the Bias Ply versus[…]

Toyota Camry Maintenance – Replace Front Brake Pads

Keeping your Toyota Camry operating at its peak performance is important. It becomes even more important when we start talking about your brakes. Have squeaky brakes? Pedal response feeling slow?[…]

Toyota FJ Cruiser Maintenace – Oil Change

Keeping your FJ Cruiser operating properly is important and a big part of this is regular oil changes. This doesn’t have to be that hard, here is how to do[…]

1978 Celica XX: The First Supra

While later generations of the Toyota Supra became serious GT cars with supercar performance, the original was something quite different. In fact, it wasn’t even called a Supra, at least[…]

Toyota FJ Cruiser Maintenance – Replace Spark Plugs

Toyota recommends replacing your FJ Cruiser spark plugs periodically to make sure the vehicle is running at optimal performance. Have you changed yours lately? Here’s how.

Toyota FJ Cruiser Maintenance – Changing Air Filters

The air quality for your Toyota FJ Cruiser is a vital part of your vehicle’s performance. Quite often, it can lose efficiency and power thanks to dirty air filters. Or[…]

Toyota FJ Cruiser Maintenance – Headlight Bulb Change and Assembly Removal

The Toyota FJ Cruiser is a serious off-road beast that does periodically needs maintenance like any vehicle. In this guide, we will discuss how to replace a headlight bulb and[…]

Toyota Tacoma Maintenance – Change Headlight Bulbs

Every vehicle requires regular maintenance including the Toyota Tacoma. If your headlights are dim or not working at all, it is a big safety issue that you need to address[…]

Toyota FJ Cruiser Maintenace – Replace Front Brake Pads

The Toyota FJ Cruiser is a great off-road vehicle that can go over and through many obstacles. When it comes time to hit the brakes, make sure they are working[…]

DeMello Toyota 4Runner – Off-Road in Style

What happens when an off-road company gets their hands on a Toyota 4Runner for their personal use? One very cool offroad machine, check it out!

Toyota Tundra Maintenance – Change Oil and Oil Filter

Every vehicle needs maintenance like changing the oil and the Toyota Tundra pickup is no exception. Is your oil ready to be changed? Here is how you do it.

Tire Replacement Guide – When to Change Your Tires

The lifespan of any product is only so long. Your car’s tires are the same, when do you really know to change them out? When you can see Lincoln’s head[…]

Toyota Truck Tips – Install a Radio

If your Toyota Truck doesn’t have a radio or you are looking to upgrade it, it can be fairly easy to do. Here are some steps to follow when you[…]

Toyota Prius Tips – Connect iPod

The Toyota Prius comes with some handy features including the ability to connect your iPod to the navigation screen. Yet hooking it up depends on the your Prius. Here’s different[…]

Toyota Prius 2009 and Older Disable Reverse Beep

One of the safety features of the North American version of the Toyota Prius (2009 and older) is for a beep to sound inside the cabin when the vehicle is[…]

Toyota Maintenance – How to Change Cabin Air Filter

Most newer Toyota vehicles have a cabin air filter for purifying the air inside the car. If you didn’t know about it or if it has been a while, chances[…]

How To Decode Your Toyota’s VIN Number

While your vehicle identification number (VIN) isn’t the secret key to an amazing array of data, it can be used to figure out the year, make, model, trim package, engine[…]

Is Your New Toyota Car Losing Oil?

New cars are coming with lighter weight oil that helps decrease friction which increase fuel economy. Sounds great, except a funny thing keeps happening. The oil is mysteriously disappearing. Here’s[…]

Toyota Prius Interesting Facts

The well-known Toyota Prius has been around for a quite a while. Think you know everything about it? Here are some interesting facts you may not know.

2002-06 Toyota Camry Maintenance – How to Change Headlight Bulb/Assembly

Got a burned out headlight on your 2002-06 Toyota Camry? Do you have a cloudy lens you want to change out? Replace it quickly and easily by following these instructions.

2016 Toyota FJ Cruiser Last Edition – The End is Near?

The Toyota FJ Cruiser has been a fan favorite for years even though it has been rumored to be discontinued for years. While it is anyone’s guess when/if it will[…]

Is Synthetic Oil Good or Bad For My Toyota?

Curious about synthetic oil for your Toyota? Getting conflicting or incomplete answers? Here is a guide to help sort through this often overly confusing decision.

Toyota Tacoma Tire Sizes – Guide

Looking for a new set of tires for your Toyota Tacoma? Here is a guide on what tire sizes Toyota uses and just how big you can go.

Mini-Monster Toyota Tundra Platinum Crew Max – Featured Ride

Truck owners love to see custom rides that are radically different than the stock model. This mini-monster Toyota Tundra Crew Max definitely fits into that category. Do you love it[…]

Toyota Avalon Drive Modes – Affect on EPA MPG Estimates

The Toyota Avalon like many Toyota cars come with drive modes like Eco, Normal and Sport. These different driving modes affect performance and thus MPG. How accurate are the EPA[…]

2013 J.D. Power Initial Quality Winner – Toyota Camry

The influential 2013 J.D. Power Initial Quality Survey has awarded the Toyota Camry as the top car in the midsize car category. This award is coveted by automakers and further[…]

Interesting Toyota Tacoma Facts

The Toyota Tacoma is Toyota’s compact truck offering. It has dominated the compact truck market for years. Here are some more interesting facts about the durable pickup.

Toyota Radiator Maintenance – Checking Fluid Levels

Most Toyota vehicles use a distinctive pink-colored antifreeze in the radiator. What makes this different than the green colored variety? What is the best way to check the radiator fluid[…]

Edmunds 2013 Best Retained Value Awards – Toyota Tacoma, Prius, Venza, 4Runner Win

Edmunds.com has compiled its 2013 list of the best retained values and Toyota had four models that won awards as the top in their category. Toyota continues to rack up[…]

Interesting Toyota Corolla Facts

The Toyota Corolla has been one of Toyota’s top selling passenger cars since it came on the market. Here are some interesting facts associated with the Toyota Corolla.

Toyota Tacoma Maintenance – Replace Spark Plugs

As an owner of a Toyota Tacoma pickup, it is best to keep the pickup running at optimum performance. One of the often overlooked maintenance items is replacing your spark[…]

Toyota Corolla Door Lock Failure – Diagnose Guide

If you are having issues with a door lock on your Toyota Corolla, it will be necessary to either visit your local dealership or take some time troubleshooting the issue.[…]

2014 Toyota Corolla Unveiled – Improved Styling, LED Lights and Better Fuel Efficiency

Toyota has debuted the 11th edition of its popular and best-selling passenger car, the 2014 Toyota Corolla. This new car features many cool additions and new styling.

Engine Oil Discoloration Guide – What Different Oil Colors Represent

What color is your oil? Don’t know? Relax most drivers don’t. If you do check it and have concerns, here is a guide to what some of the colors may[…]

Tesla Impact on Toyota RAV 4 EV Development Detailed

Toyota, a long-time investor in Tesla, is reaping many rewards including using their cutting-edge electric vehicle technologies and manufacturing process into the Toyota RAV 4 EV. What did Tesla’s impact[…]

Interesting Toyota Tundra Facts

The Toyota Tundra is the full-size truck offering from Toyota and has gained a lot of attention through the years. Here are some interesting facts you probably didn’t know.

2013 Toyota RAV4 Picks Up IIHS Top Safety Pick, KBB Top SUV Ranking

The new and redesigned 2013 Toyota RAV4 has gotten lots of publicity lately and for good reason. The newest publicity is that it was given an Insurance Institute for Highway[…]

Toyota Sequoia Maintenance – Replace Brake Pads

With any vehicle, there comes a time when you have to do maintenance to keep it running well. If your brakes are squeaking, you hear metal rubbing or you are[…]

Toyota Avalon, Prius v – 2013 Kelley Blue Book Best Family Cars

Both the Toyota Avalon and the Toyota Prius have been named as 10 Best Family Cars of 2013 by Kelley Blue Book. These cars placed high in KBB’s ranking and[…]

Toyota Invests Millions into New Lithium Ion Prius Battery Panasonic Partnership

Toyota is reportedly going to work jointly with Panasonic to dramatically increase production of lithium ion batteries. This partnership could result in the battery being used in all Toyota Prius[…]

Ford Sued Over EcoBoost Design Problems, Engine Flaws

Ford has been sued over issues with its much ballyhooed EcoBoost engine that in certain driving situations can go into “limp mode” causing shuddering and loss of power. This dangerous[…]

How An Exhaust System Works – A Basic Understanding

Many auto enthusiasts talk about improving their exhaust system with a cat-back kit or upgraded muffler, but not all of the people talking about these improvements really know how they[…]

2013 Total Quality Awards – Lexus LS, Tacoma, FJ Cruiser Win

The Strategic Vision 2013 Total Quality Awards have been released and the Lexus LS, Toyota Tacoma and Toyota FJ Cruiser have scored the highest in their respective categories. These awards[…]

Toyota Headlight Technology to U.S. – Fewer Night Driving Accidents

Toyota has the technology to make nighttime driving safer and is petitioning U.S. lawmakers to bring it to North America. Could a revolution in night driving be coming soon?

2014 Toyota Corolla Changes

Order guides are out, which means we’ve got lots of news to share. There have been a number of changes to the 2014 Corolla…but you’ll have to wait to find[…]