Toyota Lock Cable Replacement - 64680-0C010

The liftgate on your 2007 Toyota Sienna is a great feature since it allows you easy access to your cargo area. This makes it easy to take groceries or luggage in and out without any trouble. The lock cable engages the lock in the liftgate. This cable connects the handle to the locking mechanism.

2007 Toyota Sienna

If the lock cable should break or become damaged, the handle will not make the connection to the lock, which will keep the lock from working. You may need to replace it and if you do, here are the instructions:

In order to get to the cable, you will need to remove the interior door panel on the liftgate.

  1. Lift the gate and snap off the top and side panels. They have clips on them and if you grab them at the window, you will be able to roll them off the door.
  2. Next, you will remove the strap cover by using a screwdriver that has the head covered so it will not leave marks. The strap cover will just pop off but you may need to work at it a bit.
  3. Use a 10mm socket to remove the strap itself from the door.
  4. Remove the small panel that is located on the interior trim.
  5. The door panel is held in place by a number of clips. There are two tabs on the door that you need to be sure you do not break. Starting at the bottom of the panel, begin to pull it away from the door. This will allow you to unclip it as you go.
  6. Now you can disconnect the old cable from the locking mechanism and replace it with your new cable.
  7. Reassemble the door panel starting with replacing the bottom portion of the panel and then reattaching the small panel and the strap.
  8. Reattach the top and side panels.
  9. Check your door to ensure that it is properly latching.

These cables do not need to be replaced often but should you need to replace the lock cable on your 2007 Toyota Sienna, use part #64680-0C010 that can be found here.