Toyota Mud Guard Clip Replacement - 90467-07188

Toyota Mud Flaps

The mudguards on your Toyota Tacoma keep mud from flying out behind your truck into other vehicles or people. They also deflect water and gravel. Mudguards also protect the underside of your truck from excess mud and can be instrumental in protecting the paint from flying rocks. 

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The mudguards are a heavy rubber that is held in place by clips and are bolted to the body. These clips secure the guard to the fender trim. The clips are durable, but they can become damaged and need to be replaced.

If you are replacing the clip, you do not need to remove the entire mudguard.

You need a flathead screwdriver to remove the clip.

  1. Take the screwdriver and pry up the center cap on the clip and remove it. Take care that the clip does not come up and chip the paint on the fender.
  2. Put the new clip in and pop the center cap back into place.

You want to use OEM part 90467-07188, which you can find here.