Toyota Gasket Replacement - 90430-12028

Your Toyota needs oil in order to function properly. The oil lubricates all the moving parts of the engine, which need to be maintained in order to operate both smoothly and efficiently. This is why Toyota suggests that you change your oil on a regular basis. The oil gets dirty from use as it circulates throughout the engine and that dirty oil must be changed to keep your Toyota operating at its best.

Toyota Gaskets

The oil travels throughout the engine and back through the oil filter where impurities are filtered out before going back through the cycle again. The oil filter and oil are usually changed at the same time. In order to change your oil, you must unscrew the drain plug and drain out the old oil.

The drain plug has a seal that needs to be replaced when you change the oil. This oil drain plug gasket creates a tight seal that eliminates leaks and seepage. If the gasket is not changed when the plug is loosened, the gasket can become torn or broken, which can lead to oil leaks.

A worn gasket is a common reason for oil leaks on a driveway. If you are changing the oil at the same time as you are replacing the oil drain plug gasket, then you want to be sure that your engine is warm, but not hot. The oil needs to flow.

How To Replace Gaskets

  1. Properly jack your vehicle upon a clean, dry, and level surface. Use the proper jacks and jack stands rated for your vehicle. Place chocks behind the back wheels to ensure the vehicle will not roll.
  2. Place a drain pan under the drain plug to catch the oil as it drains out, and remove the drain plug.
  3. Allow the oil to drain completely. If you are changing the oil, remove the oil filter and allow it to drain by setting it upside down in the oil drain pan.
  4. Replace the oil filter with a new one made for your Toyota.
  5. Remove the old gasket from the plug.
  6. Place the new gasket onto the plug and lubricate it lightly with oil to ensure a nice, tight seal.
  7. Put the drain plug back in the oil pan.
  8. Put the proper amount of new oil back into the vehicle.
  9. Bring your vehicle back down from the jack stands, and start the engine to warm it up.
  10. Check the level of the warm oil and make sure there are no oil leaks around the new gasket.
  11. Dispose of the old oil in a responsible manner.

A leaking oil drain plug gasket can make a mess on the driveway, get hot and smoke while driving and slowly lower the oil level in your vehicle, so it is important to replace a leaking gasket as soon as you notice it.

If you need to replace your Toyota’s oil drain plug gasket, use OEM part 90430-12028. You can order it here.