Toyota Water Pump Info - Part Number 16100-59275-83

Toyota 4Runner Water Pump
The water pump works in conjunction with your radiator to keep your 2009 Toyota 4Runner running cool. When there is a problem with the water pump, the coolant does not get circulated through the engine, and it can overheat. An overheated engine can cause a cracked block or other devastating damage to your engine. At the first sign of an overheating problem, turn off the vehicle and diagnose the problem.

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Here are the steps to replace the water pump in your Toyota 4Runner.

Let your 4Runner cool down before you start. You will be working with the cooling system, and you do not want to be scalded by hot water.

  1. Park the vehicle on a level surface and drain all the coolant from the radiator by unscrewing the plug on the bottom of the radiator. Drain it into a pan, and do not leave it around for pets to find. You can open the radiator cap to get the fluids moving faster.
  2. Disconnect all the hoses to the radiator and remember their position or mark them, so they are properly reattached.
  3. Remove the shroud from the radiator by unscrewing it. Set it aside in order to remove the radiator.
  4. Remove the radiator by unscrewing it. Carefully lift it out.
  5. Disconnect the belts to the power steering and the air conditioning from the water pump pulley by loosening the tensioner.
  6. Take the fan and fluid coupling assembly off the water pump pulley.
  7. Take the water pump assembly off by removing the nuts and bolts holding it to the 4Runner.
  8. Take off the gasket to the water pump. You may need to use gasket remover.
  9. Replace the gasket with your new one after you have cleaned the area where you removed the old one. Use a sealant to install the new gasket
  10. Replace the water pump with the new one and bolt it back in place.
  11. Reattach the water pump pulley and put the belts back on it.
  12. Reattach the fan and the fluid coupler.
  13. Reinstall the radiator and the shroud.
  14. Reconnect all the hoses and tighten the clamps.
  15. Replace the fluid and coolant in the radiator.
  16. Start the engine and watch for leaks from disconnected parts.
  17. Dispose of the old coolant in a responsible manner.

Chances are that you will never need to replace the water pump on your 2009 Toyota 4Runner, but if you do, you want to use OEM part 16100-59275-83.

It can be found here.