Pet Accessories Available On Our Site!

Your pet is a major part of your life and a member of the family. Why wouldn’t you accessorize your vehicle to make you and your pet’s life more enjoyable? We now carry several top brands of pet accessories that we know you’ll both enjoy.

Keep Your Pet Safe

Pet barrier

We’ve got pet barriers that’ll keep your pet safe in the rear of your vehicle. The barrier works by telescoping both vertically and horizontally with no tools or modifications needed. There’s a barrier extension if your vehicle’s cargo area is taller than most. The rubber-coated construction means no rattling around to annoy you or your pet. 

We also have a seat barrier that fits between two bucket or captain seats. This gives your dog room to roam in the rear of your vehicle but keeps him from distracting you while driving.

If you’ve got a smaller animal, we have seat harnesses that attach to a buckled seat belt. Or choose a harness and tether option to give your dog more space. Both of these harnesses keep your dog safe in the seat and reduce your distraction going down the road. Both options can be used to and from your vehicle to keep your pet safe inside and around the vehicle.

For smaller pets like small dogs or cats, we have pet carriers available in several colors and sizes. They have pockets for storing food and toys and are airline compatible.

Protect Your Vehicle

Pet door guard

Some pets get really excited when going for a drive, to the dismay of your door panels. The panels can end up covered in drool and scratches. Get our door guards to keep them looking nice and clean. They install easily and are waterproof.

To keep your seats clean and free from dirt, hair, and other messes we carry waterproof bench seat and bucket seat covers. If you don’t need waterproof covers but want a super soft place for your pet to rest, try our deluxe bench seat cover.

To protect your rear seats and floor, try a hammock seat cover. This type of cover keeps the entire area safe from claw scratches, dirt, dander, and other messes. We also have a waterproof hammock seat cover that prevents your pet from getting to the front seat while you’re driving.

For pets who like to jump onto your center console, we have autograss. Place it on your console and it’ll keep your pet from wanting to put his paws up there. It’s even got a spot to hold your cell phone.

Conveniences For Your Pet

Pet bi fold ramp

Keep your pet happy by making the trip more enjoyable and more comfortable for him. To get him in and out of your taller vehicle, we have a bi-fold pet ramp. It only weighs 10lbs but can hold up to 200lbs. It’s got a high-traction surface to keep your pet safe and confident.

For feeding time, we’ve got a pet food travel keeper that doubles as a food bowl. It’s easy to keep his food fresh and easy to feed him with a portion-control swivel bowl attached.

Pet lunchbox

We also have a pet lunch box that holds dry food and has a built-in water and food dish for convenience. If you need to take more water with you, we have a 3-quart travel water bowl with a built-in bowl that won’t splash. Perfect for watering your pet while on the road.

Pet water bottle

If you want a smaller and more portable water container, we have a portable pet bottle. This is the size of any regular water bottle (it’ll fit in your cup holder) but includes an attached flip-down bowl.

Make your pet’s next road trip easier and more comfortable with any of the pet accessories here at Toyota Parts Center.