With genuine Toyota accessories, you can customize, upgrade, and personalize your Toyota Sienna. By using only OEM accessories, you’ll have the assurance of perfect fit, quality, and function. Find the best Toyota Sienna accessories here.

Lower Door Moldings

The lower door moldings are ideal for enhancing the cosmetics of your Sienna while protecting it from damage. Using these will improve the appearance and maintain resale value. These have a factory fit and finish that will complement the body lines of your Sienna.

Toyota Sienna lower door moldings PT29A-08100

Color Part Number
Chrome PT29A-08100
Semi-Chrome PT29A-08110

Door Edge Guards

Toyota Sienna door edge guards protect the vertical door edges from damage — offering affordable protection. These preserve the appearance and resale value of your vehicle, they also blend into the sleek styling of the body lines. The Thermoplastic Compound helps to prevent metal on metal contact. They are easy to install, and no special preparation is needed — they can also be easily removed without damage.

Toyota Sienna door edge guards PT936-08110-01

Color Part Number
Silver Sky Metallic PT936-08110-01
Salsa Red Pearl PT936-08110-03
Cypress Pearl PT936-08110-06
Sandy Beach Metallic PT936-08110-04
Black PT936-08110-02


These mudguards are made to protect your Sienna’s paint from mud, stones, and dirt. They are designed to complement the body lines and style, made from Thermoplastic Olefin, and they’re made for a precise fit. For more information, check out part number PT769-08110.

Toyota Sienna mud guards PT769-08110

Roof Rail Cross Bars

These specifically engineered roof rail crossbars help to enhance the cargo management versatility. They are fully adjustable bars that provide additional tie-down points and support up to 150 pounds when the weight is evenly distributed across both bars. Made to meet Toyota’s high standards in construction, they are made of durable, but lightweight aluminum with structural nylon reinforced end clamps. They are finished in an e-coated primer and finished in a black powder topcoat. For more information on Toyota roof rail crossbars, check out part number PT278-08102.

Toyota Sienna roof rail cross bars PT278-08102

Tow Hitch Receiver

To add more utility to your Toyota Sienna, pick up one of these tow hitch receivers. These are precisely engineered to integrate with your Sienna’s rear bumper to get the most out of the maximum tow rating. It is finished with dual-layer paint to combat corrosion, elements, and damaging UV rays. For more information, check out part PT791-08040.

Toyota Sienna tow hitch receiver PT791-08040

Trailer Ball And Ball Mount

This Toyota trailer bar is made specifically for use with your Toyota Sienna tow hitch. It acts to complete the connection between the tow hitch and trailer. It’s made from cold-forged steel for optimal strength and can handle the maximum tow load for your Sienna. Check our part PT791-08100 for more information on this accessory.

Toyota Sienna trailer ball and mount PT791-08100

All-Weather Floor Mats

All-weather floor mats can protect your Sienna from all sorts of dirt and damage. The flexible weather-resistant material is both durable and easy to clean. Get mats for your front, rear, and 3rd-row seats. Mats have an embossed Sienna logo and come in black – check out part number PT908-08130-20.

Toyota Sienna all weather floor mats PT908-08130-20

Cargo Organizer

Use this cargo organizer to maximize the use of your cargo area, and to help organize cargo. These are made to slip behind the rear seats, and create a level floor when closed to support additional cargo items — so they essentially make more stackable space. The bins are easy to remove and clean and are made for Sienna’s with manual 3rd-row seats.

Toyota Sienna cargo organizer PT924-08100-40

Color Part Number
Bisque PT924-08100-40
Graphite PT924-08100-10

Cargo Tote

If you are looking for a way to avoid spills, tipping, and shifting cargo, pickup this collapsible soft-sided cargo tote for your Sienna. It is designed to carry a variety of items, and the tote features removable divider panels for different organizing options. To provide easy loading and unloading, it has carrying handles and also folds flat during storage. Check out part number PT427-00120 for more information on this cargo tote.

Toyota Sienna cargo tote PT427-00120

Cargo Net Envelope

This hammock-style cargo net keeps the cargo area in your Sienna organized and protected from spills. It is specially designed to hold a variety of smaller/medium size cargo items — examples being groceries, athletic gear, etc. It works by helping to ensure items don’t tip over or shift around. This cargo net envelop is made from a durable mesh netting and attached to designated points in the rear cargo area of your Sienna. Check out part number PT347-08100 for more information on this accessory.

Toyota Sienna cargo net envelope PT347-08100

First Aid Kit

This first aid kit can come in handy when you need to tend to minor injuries. In this kit, you’ll find insect-sting pads, butterfly strips, adhesive bandages, stretch bandage, scissors, an emergency blanket, and more to help you in a pinch. It is designed with Velcro® mounting strips and the soft zippered case can be placed inside the cabin or cargo area of your Sienna. Check it out under part number PT420-03023 for more information.

Toyota Sienna first aid kit PT420-03023

Emergency Assistance Kit

With this portable emergency assistance kit, you no longer have to let minor problems stop hold you back. This extremely functional emergency assistance kit has the right tools and supplies to help you manage common minor automotive problems. It includes battery jumper cables, a hose clamp and tape, protective work gloves, a flashlight/lantern, a water bag, survival blankets, and more. It has a retention strap to keep the kit secure while driving. Find more information about it by checking out part number PT420-00130.

Toyota Sienna emergency assistance kit PT420-00130

Key Finder

Never worry about leaving your keys behind with this awesome and innovative key finder for your Toyota Sienna. This Bluetooth powered device alerts you when you leave your keys behind, from up to sixty feet away. It can be synced to your iPhone One app to monitor eight different key finders at once. Find out more about it under part number PT725-03150.

Toyota Sienna key finder PT725-03150

Remote Engine Starter

With this Toyota Sienna remote engine starter, you can enjoy the luxury of having your Sienna at the right temperature during the cold winter or hot summer days. This handy device lets you start the engine and activate the air conditioner, heater, defroster, and defogger functions. Do all of this before you ever enter your Sienna. Learn more about it by checking out part number PT398-08100.

Toyota Sienna remote engine starter PT398-08100

Wireless Headphones

These wireless headphones optimize your audio experience for the passengers in your Toyota Sienna. It allows multiple users to enjoy the rear-seat entertainment system without pesky cords to get in the way. These wireless headphones fold for compact storage, have a personal volume control, and LED status light. Check out part number PT943-00140 for more information.

Toyota Sienna wireless headphones PT943-00140

Rear Seat Entertainment

This kit has everything you need to keep your backseat passengers entertained. It has two 7” LCD touch screen display monitors with integrated DVD payers. It is compatible with the Active Headrest Safety System, so a fit kit is used to mount a docking station on top of the seats, below the headrest. This is plug and play for easy installation and use. Learn more about this accessory check out part number PT900-01100.

Toyota Sienna rear seat entertainment PT900-01100

Carpet Floor Mats

Pick up a new set of carpeted floor mats to protect and enhance the interior of your Sienna. They are custom-tailored for an exact fit and are made from high-grade plush nylon carpet. To finish them off, they are color-keyed to match your interior exactly and feature an embroidered Sienna logo.

Toyota Sienna carpet floor mats PT206-08120-12

Color Part Number
Light Gray PT206-08120-12
Bisque PT206-08120-41
Dark Gray PT206-08129-13

Any of these accessories will make an awesome addition to your Sienna. Check them out now to start customizing and upgrading your ride!