Cool Car Accessories For Women

Attention women, your car doesn’t have to be boring. The accessories below are great items to organize and spice up the interior of your vehicle.

Car Vases

car vase

A car vase is a nice way to spice up the interior of your vehicle. There are all types of car vases. Many attach to the heating vents in your vehicle. A car vase can really brighten the interior of your vehicle.

Purse Hooks

purse hooks

You’ll never have to leave your purse on a seat or on the floorboards again. A purse hook is a nice way to keep track of your purse in your vehicle. Many attach to the back of your seat. This accessory is also great for hanging clothes in your vehicle.

First Aid Kit

first aid kit

This is very important to have in your vehicle, especially if you have small children. Many times you can purchase great kits from the dealer. Toyota for instance has a great first aid kit. To find the one pictured, check with your Toyota dealer or a Toyota parts specialist.

Car Organizers

purse holder

Car organizers don’t have to be boring. Many come in stylish colors just for women. A classy organizer is a great way to add flair to your vehicle while keeping track of your cell phone, lip gloss, and other accessories.