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2013 Toyota Sales Figures Released – Camry Still Best Selling Car

Toyota released its 2013 sales figures and there were many highlights including the Camry being the best selling car in the U.S. for the 12th year in a row.

Toyota Light Duty Truck History – Stout, Hi-Lux, Truck, Tacoma

Toyota has a long history of building compact trucks that is longer than most people think. With the introduction of the Stout in 1964 through the Tacoma, Toyota has been[…]

Toyota Tacoma Power Door Lock Failure – Diagnosis Guide

Power door locks are extremely convenient and are often taken for granted. That is, until they don’t work, then it is a nuisance. If your power door locks aren’t working[…]

Toyota Yaris Maintenance – Strut and Shock Replacement

The Toyota Yaris is a simple compact car that is easy to drive and repair. If your handling is sloppy or the ride quality isn’t as comfortable as you think[…]

Consumer Reports Best New Car Value – Toyota Prius

For the second year in a row, Consumer Reports has named the Toyota Prius the best new car value among all cars. The car relies again on its reliability and[…]

Toyota Camry Quickly Regains Consumer Reports Recommended Ranking

In one of the fastest turnarounds witnessed, the Toyota Camry regained its “recommended” rating from Consumer Reports. Once again, the Camry is not only the top selling vehicle, it is[…]

Toyota Considers Truck Production Changes – Tundra HD?

For the second time this year, a top ranking Toyota executive has talked about the need to change their truck production. With dealer demand rising, customer’s appetite for more Tundra[…]

2014 Toyota Tundra 1794 Review – Luxury Pickup

While the 2014 Toyota Tundra may not have changed much mechanically from the previous generations, one of the big changes is the new 1794 package. This trim level is the[…]

Lexus Captures Second Baja 1000 Race Victory

Lexus builds some of the world’s most reliable vehicles, but Baja 1000 reliable? You bet. Joe Bacal and his racing team just won their second consecutive victory in a modified[…]

Toyota Used Car Buying Tips – Private Seller

Buying a used car from a private seller can often be a stressful and time consuming process that will leave you drained. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here[…]

Toyota Invests in Wireless Charging Startup – Better Electric Vehicles Charging

Toyota has licensed inductive charging technology from MIT spin-off WiTricity which could turn into better charging in electric vehicles. Here is what could happen.

Toyota Corolla Maintenance – Shock and Strut Replacement

The Toyota Corolla is one of the most reliable cars in the world. Yet, it needs regular maintenance like any other vehicle. Here is guide on how to replace the[…]

2013 Toyota 4Runner Limited Review – Mountains and City Ready

The first Toyota 4Runner was sold in 1984 and ever since, offroad fans have laid claim to this iconic vehicle. What’s new in 2013? Styling and comfort to name a[…]

Toyota Trucks Dominate 2013 Consumer Reports

The Consumer Reports December 2013 issue is on the news stands now, but nothing new is in it. Toyota’s pickups, the Tundra and Tacoma, have continued to dominate the reliability[…]

Lexus Goes Turbo – LF-NX Advanced Crossover Concept

Lexus is making a jump into the world of turbocharged, small displacement engines with a very sporty crossover concept called the Lexus LF-NX Turbo. This concept opens a very exciting[…]

How to Accurately Check Your Tire Pressure – Tire Maintenace

One of the most overlooked maintenance items is keeping an eye on your vehicle’s tire pressure. Here is the best way to keep your tires properly inflated on your Toyota[…]

Toyota Launches New 2014 Highlander Hybrid – What You Need to Know

At the 2013 LA Auto Show, Toyota displayed a new Highlander Hybrid. This gas-electric mid-size hybrid is a seven-passenger SUV that saves gas and the environment.

Tips For Safe Winter Travel

As the seasons change and winter arrives, it is important to remember that your driving should change too. Here are some tips to consider when dealing with winter driving conditions.

The Most And The Least: Toyota’s Fourth Gen Supra (1993–2002)

The fourth-gen Supra, introduced in 1993, was not only the fastest Supra ever, but also one of the most formidable performance cars Toyota has ever offered. Unfortunately, it was also[…]

Four Common DIY Auto Repair Mistakes

Do-it-yourself auto repair is a great way to save money. It’s also a great way to screw up your vehicle. Here are some tips to make sure you avoid the[…]

Toyota Trying to Attract Younger Drivers to Lexus with New Image

Lexus has been one of the best-selling luxury-car brands in the United States several years now, and has somehow managed to keep up with the competition (primarily BMW and Mercedes)[…]

Toyotas at The 2013 SEMA Show – Our Favorite Photos

This year, Olathe Toyota was on hand to check out the many cool parts and vehicles at the 2013 Specialty Equipment Manufactures Association show. This marque automotive event brings out[…]

How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off When Buying A Used Car

You’ve probably heard horror stories about people going to a used car lot and buying a car that turns out to be a lemon. Here’s how to avoid it happening[…]

How to Shop for Car Insurance And Save Money

Shopping for car insurance can be a difficult process. It’s not like you’re going to the store to buy a shirt or a television. Buying car insurance requires expertise and[…]

Toyota Tundra Tire Sizes Guide – Stock, Larger and Lifted Size Options

Are you in the market for new tires your Toyota Tundra? Looking to go bigger or wider? Here is a guide to what you can and can’t do with a[…]

The Truth about Generic Toyota Parts – Inferior Quality

You’ve probably considered buying generic Toyota parts for your vehicle. You might be wondering … is there a difference between generic/aftermarket Toyota parts and genuine Toyota parts? The truth is there[…]

Toyota Car Safety: You Better Have These Items In Your Trunk

We all know that Toyotas are reliable vehicles. However, any vehicle could have an issue that may leave you stranded. Here is a handy guide of things you should carry[…]

Toyota Wins Towing Safety Award – Only Automaker Adopting Standard

Toyota’s adoption of the SAE J2807 towing standards appears to be not a big deal, but for those who tow regularly, it is a HUGE deal. Towing a safe load[…]

New/Used Vehicle Test Drive Checklist

Test driving a new/used vehicle is important to making an informed decision. What do you need to make sure you do on the drive? Here is a handy checklist.

15 Interesting Facts About Toyota

Here are 15 fun facts about Toyota. 1. Toyota was founded in 1937. 2. Toyota has created 365,000 jobs in the United States. 3. There are 1,506 Toyota, Scion and Lexus dealers in[…]

Gibbs Sports BMW Powered QuadSki – Go Anywhere, FAST!

Adrenaline junkies who enjoy riding ATVs and jet skis will be fascinated by the latest development from Gibbs Sports Amphibians. Those outdoor enthusiasts will no longer be forced to choose[…]

Toyota Tundra Maintenance – Change Brake Pads

The Toyota Tundra like all vehicles periodically needs maintenance. If you are hearing squeaking or grinding when you brake, it is time to inspect and/or replace your brake pads. Here[…]

Switching to Synthetic 0-20 Oil – Why it Matters

The motor oil 0-20 is a fully synthetic oil being used in almost all Toyota vehicles. After looking at the pros and cons, Toyota has decided that using synthetic oil[…]

Toyota GT 86 TRD Griffon – Track Racer

Toyota recently unveiled a new GT 86 TRD Griffon track racer at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. This track car goes fast, very fast!

The Third Shall be First: 1986–1993 Toyota Supra

Although the 1986 Toyota Supra was the third generation of Toyota’s big six-cylinder sport coupe, it was also the first: the first Supra to be sold under that name in[…]

The Truth About OEM Parts

You’ve probably heard mechanics talking about OEM parts or Toyota OEM parts. But do you know what this means? OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. These are parts that were[…]

Toyota Camry Oil Filter Best Option – 04152-YZZAI

Time to change your oil in your Toyota Camry? Confused about which oil filter to buy? There isn’t as much debate on this as it seems. The best choice is[…]

Toyota Genuine Oil Filter 90915-YZZD3 – Better than Cheap Aftermarket

When people talk about vehicle maintenance, they often reference changing the oil. However, what about the oil filter? This can be just as important. Need to replace yours? A genuine[…]

Anti-Theft Systems: A Great Safety Feature or Just Hype?

Auto theft continues to be a problem in our society with many owners finding a vacant spot where there car used to be. There are a number of new anti-theft[…]

Toyota Cabin Air Filter Replacement – 87139-YZZ08

One of the most overlooked maintenance items is your cabin air filter. However, it can really help your car smell better and for you to be healthier without dust and[…]

The First Real Toyota Supercar – Lexus LFA

Toyota showed the 2012 Lexus LFA at the North America Auto Show, and is making quite a splash. Never before has Toyota been considered a competitor in the Supercar business,[…]

Toyota to Export 2014 Corollas to Latin America

The 2014 Toyota Corolla has just hit car dealerships, but Toyota has bigger plans. Toyota is saying that it has plans to export the U.S.-built sedans to 18 countries in[…]

Double-X Take Two: The 1982–1985 Celica XX, aka 2nd-gen Supra

Although the 1978–81 Toyota Celica XX/Supra sold more than 100,000 copies, about half of them in the U.S., it would be easy to assume that the next generation, built from[…]

Where To Get The Latest Toyota Service Bulletins

Having trouble with your Toyota? There is help out there for all of us. A web site created for several uses including finding service bulletins for all makes and models[…]

How To Find The Best Oil Filter For Your Toyota Truck

At Toyota Parts Center, we’ve done a little research to help you find the best oil filter for your Toyota pickup truck. We’ve torn apart and analyzed five different oil[…]

Toyota Avalon Speaker Replacement Guide – 86160-ac180

The Toyota Avalon has a really nice factory sound system when it is working properly. When it isn’t, it is time for some maintenance. Here is how to replace the[…]

GMC/Chevy AFM Oil Consumption – Ongoing Issue

For several years now, the Active Fuel Management (cylinder deactivation) used in GMC/Chevy vehicles/pickups has been known to use excessive amounts of oil. A “fix” was introduced to address it,[…]

Toyota Tundra Power Door Lock Failure – Diagnose Guide

Often taken for granted on the Toyota Tundra are the power door locks. When they don’t work though, it is a real pain. Here is a guide to figure out[…]

Discontinued Toyota Models That People Love

Feeling nostalgic about old Toyota models? Us too. Here is our list of discontinued models everyone still loves. What’s yours? It was for the Toyota Tercel. Does it bring back[…]

Toyota Camry Door Lock Failure – Diagnose Guide

Powered door locks are a great feature on any car including the Toyota Camry. However, when they don’t work, it can be a terrible annoyance. Figure out what’s wrong with[…]