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5 Reasons a Tracked Toyota is Better Than a Snowmobile

At the 1997 Detroit Auto Show, Toyota displayed a 4Runner fitted with a track driving system that was inspired by a 1995 concept called the Mogul. While there were rumors of a production track system being released during the 1998 Winter Olympics (Toyota was a major sponsor), the idea sadly never came to fruition.

Tracked 4Runner

If only Toyota released this awesome track drive system for production vehicles, via FourWheeler

But the good news is that other snow track brands exist, and they offer tracking solutions for your Toyota.

What About Snowmobiles?

Snowmobiles are amazing creations, but they’re not ideal vehicles for people such as farmers and law enforcement officers.

Here are a five reasons a tracked Toyota is a better option for many:

  1. Temperature. Instead of freezing your nose off on a snowmobile, you can stay warm while still enjoying snowscapes.
  2. Cargo space. A Toyota truck or SUV can carry a lot of cargo while a snowmobile has very limited space.
  3. Safety. You’re much safer inside a Toyota, as it offers a lot more crash protection than a snowmobile.
  4. Passengers. With a Toyota, you can invite friends and family to enjoy the snowy outdoors with you!
  5. No towing. You have to tow a snowmobile to a trailhead or open space with another vehicle. With a tracked Toyota, you can head straight out into the wilderness.

A Toyota truck or SUV sporting a set of four snow tracks instead of tires is called a tracked Toyota, and it operates like a snow cat off the beaten path. A tracked Toyota can go up to 40 miles per hour and drive over deep fresh snow, ice, sand, and mud. It’s an ideal vehicle for hunters, ice fishermen, farmers, off-road enthusiasts, and law enforcement officers in snowy climates.

How to Add Snow Tracks to Your Toyota

Want to put snow tracks on your Toyota? You have two different options:

  1. Track conversion kits: With a conversion kit, you can swap out all four of your tires for snow tracks. Installation is easy: jack up your truck or SUV, remove the tire, and bolt the snow tracks and their components to the wheel studs. The whole process should take about 30 minutes.
  2. Track N Go: If you don’t want to tinker around with your tires, you can go the Track N Go route. It’s basically a set of snow tracks you can drive over and attach to the bottom of your tires.

There are three brands sold in America to turn your Toyota into a tracked vehicle: American Track Truck, Mattracks, and Track N Go.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

Of course, there are a few disadvantages that come with owning a tracked Toyota:

  1. Lack of speed. Tracked Toyotas are slow compared to snowmobiles. 40 mph is the max speed you can go in one, while certain types of snowmobiles can handle over 100 mph.
  2. Terrain limitations. Snowmobiles can go pretty much anywhere because they’re small enough. Toyotas are limited to paved roads and off-road trails.

Got a Tracked Toyota?

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Written by Jason Lancaster