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Toyota Announces Six New Hybrids

Toyota, for years, has led the industry in the latest and greatest in electric and hybrid automobile technologies, and over the next two years, according to the New York Times,[…]

Toyota Cuts Ribbons on Third Brazilian Plant

Toyota vehicles have found their place among many countries, and with their recent manufacturing announcement, yet another Toyota plant will find it’s home in Brazil. The third of it’s kind[…]

2011 Toyota Tacoma Receives New Packages

The 2011 Tacoma truck utility vehicle will receive several new package options/upgrades from Toyota in order to widen the range of its consumer appeal. The vehicle will now be available[…]

Corolla/Corolla Matrix Recall

Toyota today announced a voluntary recall on approximately 1.13 million 2005-8 model year Corolla/Corolla Matrix vehicles due to cracks that would appear in the solder points in the vehicles electronic[…]

Camry: The Legacy that Started it All

When the every day consumer thinks “Toyota“, what usually comes to mind? Is it the world renowned customer service? Or maybe they think of the reliable Toyota parts and the[…]

Toyota Announces Exports to Iran Ceased in June

Toyota officials announced on the 11th this week that Iran since June has not been receiving exports from Toyota Motor Corp due to growing international tensions aimed towards the country.[…]

Toyota Japan Hybrid Sales Reach $1 Million

One million: it’s a pretty big number. 2.86 million, now that’s an even bigger number. Think of it this way: if everyone within driving distance from the Kansas City Toyota[…]

Lexus and Toyota Avalon Recall Hits Dealership Floors

Starting this week, more than 400,000 Lexus and Avalon models released in the last ten years will be recalled because of faulty steering-shafts. Toyota discovered the shafts in the recalled[…]

Toyota faces Problems with Soviet Patent-Holder

So here’s the situation: Toyota is now in its third generation of the most successful hybrid vehicle in the history of automobiles. While several of its vehicles, including the Prius,[…]

Debates Flare Regarding the Results of NHTSA Report

During the unintended acceleration recall crisis that plagued Toyota those months ago, many specialists believed the software on the vehicle’s computers were to blame, not driver error, when Toyota’s cars accelerated[…]

Tesla and Toyota Move Farther Towards Unification

Toyota executive Akio Toyoda came forward with new information this week regarding the relationship between Toyota and Tesla, and many fans and customers of the two companies will find[…]

New Quality Plants open in the US

This week, Toyota announced it will be opening many new quality centers in the U.S. to ensure quick response to quality issues, while giving the company yet another all around[…]

Toyota Recalls Continue with Lexus Models

Thought it was over? Well, whether you like it or not, the answer to that question is yes and no. No in the fact that nearly 17000 Lexus sedans were[…]

Mississippi Toyota Plant resumes Construction

Toyota just announced a Mississippi Toyota plant will resume production and will hire approximately 2000 team members. The main product of the plant, the Corolla Compact Sedan, is one of[…]

The lines between Tesla and Toyota begin to blur… Or do they?

In recent weeks, news sources around the world have been in debate over the growing partnership between automotive giant Toyota and electric vehicle producer Tesla. Both known for their vehicle[…]

Lexus “Off Center” Steering Wheels the Subject of South Korean Recall

For years, the Lexus brand has been known for its superior quality and luxury in the automotive industry, and this reputation of outstanding customer satisfaction clearly shows in Toyota’s swift[…]

Surprise! India Reacts more Positively to Prius than Imagined

While the U.S. may be the foremost sales location for the Prius and other Toyota vehicles, India has of late been demanding more of the ecological/consumer friendly and innovative Prius[…]

Toyota: A Month In Review

In case you haven’t noticed, Toyota has been in the news lately, and for many things: some good, and some strange. Overall, May, with Toyota’s 7 percent sales gain, was[…]

Toyota Fuels New Ideas at NUMMI Plant

For the last thirty years, the NUMMI automotive plant in California has been the site of an unexpected and unusual partnership. Two of the largest automotive giants, Toyota and GM,[…]

Black Boxes Possible in Future Toyota Vehicles

Most everyone has heard the term “black box” in the news, usually associated with aeronautical crashes in the news. But after the recent safety issues the automotive industry has been[…]

Toyota Makes Great Leaps in Hydrogen Vehicle Efficiency

Hydrogen fueled vehicles have long been the automotive maker’s dream. Hydrogen, element 1 on the periodic table, is the same material that fuels massive stars and our sun, so naturally[…]

Toyota Sales Incentives Moving Business Forward

If you haven’t noticed Toyota’s numerous television ads advertising their spectacular spring sales, you’ve either been living under a rock, or blind.On nearly every major station, Toyota has been airing[…]

Toyota Agrees to NHTSA fine of $16.4M

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) recently sent Toyota a fine of $16.4 Million because the automakers “[Failed] to alert officials of possible accelerator pedal issues in a timely[…]

The Toyota Sienna Recall: What You Need to Know

With the now public Sienna recall in the mix, consumers can be somewhat confused about what is happening and what they need to do about it. In this article, we[…]

Toyota Starts SMART Customer Complaint Response Team

Ever since Toyota first began to experience troubles with recalls, their biggest priority has been making it up to their loyal customers. One change Toyota has made to make things[…]

“Refined Aggression” hits the New York Showroom Floors

[April 2, 2010] Today at the New York International Auto Show, consumer’s got the first glimpse at several new production models for the Scion brand. One of which, the 2011[…]

Consumer Reports Place Two Toyota Vehicles in Top Ten of 2010

In the April issue of Consumer Reports, readers of the largely popular and influential magazine can see a list of the top ten cars of 2010 in ten categories. Over[…]

Facts of Runaway Prius Incident Don’t Add Up

Recently in the news, Jim Sikes, a Prius owner in NY, has greatly publicized an incident in which his vehicle experienced unintended acceleration. Partnering with the NHTSA, Toyota has mounted[…]

The Lexus Luxury: A Brief History

By the year 1989, Toyota had already established itself as a formidable competitor in the US Automotive Industry. With the 1989 Camry’s, Echo’s, and Solara’s, Toyota had many options for[…]

Toyota President Appears in Congress for Questioning

In light of the recent recalls Toyota has been through lately, many customers have been very upset, and for good reason. For years, Toyota was viewed as the supreme car[…]

Camry Hybrid Rose:a Brilliant Compliment to the Vehicle

So you’ve heard about the 2010 Hybrid Camry, a efficient 4 door sedan designed for the “sensible and sensational” consumer. With its 2.5-liter four cylinder engine and estimated 33 mpg,[…]

Avalon 2011 Revealed In Chicago

While recent recalls have been hard on Toyota Consumers, one automobile they can look forward to is the 2011 Toyota Avalon. Revealed this week at the Chicago Auto Show, the[…]

Repairs on Recalled Vehicles Start this Week

As many Toyota owners know, several Toyota vehicles have been put on a recall list, because of rare but serious unintended acceleration. In a press release on Monday, Toyota announced[…]

The Search for Lithium…

As most automakers know, a spot on electric-hybrid vehicle needs two things: a great design, and an effective and long lasting battery. For years, the standard for electric vehicle batteries[…]

Toyota Prius Receives Awards Overseas

Today in Abu Dhabi, the Toyota 2010 Prius was awarded the Zayed Future Energy Award for its innovative energy system. While everyone knew about its amazing fuel efficiency, this is[…]

Detroit Auto Show Gives Light to Future of Prius Brand

This week at the Detroit auto show, Toyota has revealed the FT-CH (Future-Toyota-Compact-Hybrid), and with it’s release they told the world their plan for the Prius name. We already knew[…]

New Concept in India

When you think of boosting auto sales, you usually think of new models in already developed countries, and huge promotional programs, right? Well, today’s automotive companies are taking a different[…]

Toyota And Subaru Combine for a Home-Run Concept?

[TOKYO] The Tokyo Auto show is one of the few instances where Toyota has something of a “home field advantage”, and the company took full advantage of the show this[…]

Trouble in Venezuela

Now, when you think of Venezuela, many things come to mind, and one of them is President Hugo Chávez. Known for his strict economic policies, Mr. Chávez has nationalized many[…]

New Electric Face at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show

FT-EV At the beginning of this year, the Toyota FT-EV, an all electric commuter concept car, was revealed at the Detroit International Auto Show. According to Toyota, the car would[…]

Humble Beginnings

Toyota is without a doubt one of the most successful car manufacturers in the world, and all of their products give a very important aspect to the industry itself. With[…]

The Highest Form of Flattery…

So you’ve heard of the new Toyota Scion iQ, right? Announced in the 2008 Geneva Auto show, the iQ is on its way to becoming one of the major factors[…]

Who’s Got Time to Receive Calls Anymore?

Your car’s broken down, so, naturally, took it to the nearest Toyota repair garage. You got a rental because your busy schedule will not allow you to operate without a[…]

2011 Toyota Prius Ships to Select Cities and Businesses

For years, consumers have waited for an efficient car alternative that cuts emissions, but have worried about the range of the battery. Toyota is cashing in on this need with[…]

Toyota Sienna 2011 Revealed in LA

Ok, so Johnny’s got a soccer game at 3:30, Jenny has choir rehearsal at 4, and you have to pick them both up by 5:30 to make it to Josh’s[…]

Akio Toyoda: The New Age for Toyota?

In January of 2009, Akio Toyoda was announced the new CEO of Toyota. The first president to be schooled in the United States, Mr. Akio has his job cut out[…]

Jim Press: The Rise and Fall

Jim Press: a long history and a bright future is swept away with one wrong choice. Press started his career in the car business back in the late 1960’s with[…]

Unintended Acceleration

Toyota responded to the ever growing black cloud that ABC television casted upon them with there news report mentioned in the last blog.On Fri Oct 30 we are sending a[…]

Engine Problem causing Floor Mat Troubles?

No one knows for sure about the safety of our Toyota vehicles at this point. The initial thinking that incorrect floor mats were causing incidents of sudden acceleration in some[…]

Used Cars Sales Boom

Used cars sales are now booming with the aftereffects of Cash For Clunkers. For those unlucky souls who missed out on this huge event, they re out buying late model[…]