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Tired of Driving the Kids Around? Follow These Tips - Toyota Parts Blog

Do you sometimes feel like you’re the personal chauffer for your children?

Driving your kids around town can be tiring and sometimes stressful. If you want to cut down on the driving, follow these tips.

  • Start a Carpool – If you’re looking to cut down on the driving, consider a carpool. It’s a great way to keep reduce stress and cut costs. All it takes is asking your neighbors and friends with kids and setting up a schedule.
  • Tell Them to Walk – If the walk isn’t too long, have your kids walk to school and other activities. It’s a great way to ensure they’re getting their exercise. Make sure your kids walk together in groups and are a responsible age. Family Education has some great advice on this.
  • Get Them a Bike – Cycling is very popular today. It’s an excellent activity and a great way for your kids to get around. If you decide to use this option, be very careful. You want to make sure your kids have helmets and do not travel on busy roads. KidsHealth has some great tips on bike safety. 
  • Get Them a Car – Many parents are hesitant to get their kids a car when they turn 16. However, if you teach your child to drive responsibly, you won’t have to worry as much. Plus there are new technologies that allow you to track your teen’s car to ensure that they’re driving safely. For more information, read our post on teen driving safety tips. 
  • Have Them Take the Bus – If your school district offers bus services in your area, take advantage of them. You’ll spend less them chauffeuring your kids to and from school. Even if you have to pay for the bus service, it could significantly reduce the stress of getting them to school on your way to work.

If you follow these tips, your car will no longer be your kid’s personal taxi. You’ll reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle.

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Written by Tom Blackman