The Top 5 Green Driving Tips

Are you ready to start making a difference? Here are some easy driving tips that will help you do your part to better the environment.

1. Keep Your Vehicle Light

The heavier your vehicle, the more gas you’re going to burn. Remove unnecessary items from your trunk or truck bed to reduce the weight of your vehicle. The Department of Energy estimates that an extra 100 pounds can reduce fuel efficiency by 2 percent.

2. Keep Your Vehicle In Great Shape

Don’t put off repairs and oil changes. It’s not good for your car or the environment. If your vehicle is having emissions problems, be sure to get them fixed as soon as possible. If you drive a Toyota, be sure to use genuine Toyota parts. Regularly checking your tire pressure can help save on gas.

3. Car Pool

Take turns driving with family, friends, and co-workers. It’s good for the environment. You also won’t be driving your vehicle as much, saving you lots of miles and repair costs. is a great website to find carpool listings.

4. Get A Fuel Efficient Car

New vehicles have better fuel-efficient technologies in them. Toyota leads the way with its Prius line of hybrid cars. If your vehicle gets 20th Century gas mileage, you may want to look for a newer vehicle.

5. Plan Your Trips

Plan out your weekend errands so you’re not making multiple round-trip drives. You’ll be amazed at how much gas you save. It’s also better for the environment.