How A Toyota Tundra Managed To Tow a Space Shuttle

white four door toyota

The Space Shuttle Endeavor crawled its way through Los Angeles city streets to its final resting place at the California Science Center. Along the way, it got a little help from Toyota. According to CBS News, a Tundra pickup pulled the space shuttle over the Manchester Boulevard bridge on Interstate 405.

USA Today reported the Texas-made Tundra pulled the space shuttle and transportation rig, which has a combined weight of 307,000 pounds. said a special tow dolly was developed for pulling the space shuttle by a heavy-lifting engineering firm.

Some people thought it wasn’t real. We can tell you, it really did happen.

According to the Toyota Tundra Endeavour website, Toyota practiced the haul using concrete blocks. The Tundra that they used didn’t have any special modifications. It was a totally stock truck with OEM Tundra parts

With the Toyota Tundra, you can expect to get great horsepower for hauling ability. Besides space shuttles, it’s great for hauling boats and trailers.