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Why Police Should Get a Ticket for Traffic Cameras - Toyota Parts Blog

Many drivers hate red light and speed cameras. We couldn’t agree more with them. And it’s not because of the tickets. It’s because of the safety issues.

According to Aol Autos, traffic intersection cameras have been around since the 1990s. In that time, there has been plenty of statistical data collected. We won’t bore you with all of the details. But here’s the bottom line.

Traffic cameras increase the risk of rear-end collisions. That’s because people have the tendency to slam on the brakes when nearing one of these cameras.

Besides more rear-end collisions, here are some other negative aspects of traffic cameras according to the National Motorists Association Foundation:

  • Less synchronization of traffic lights – This means stop light intersections do not change lighting timing during high and low traffic times. This means more traffic.
  • Takes forever to be notified of tickets – Some tickets take weeks to receive. This makes it hard to remember the circumstances to contest the ticket.
  • People still drive through intersections – Many people still drive through intersections because they’re distracted or impaired while driving.

A number of large cities have already taken steps to stop using these cameras. Los Angeles City Council voted to remove red-light cameras in 2011.

What is your opinion on traffic cameras? Do they improve safety? We want to hear from you. Leave your comments below.

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Written by Tom Blackman